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Our Story

Hi! We’re Amanda & Rachel.  Two sisters born and raised in Maryland.  We’ve always been friends first, sisters second! We are only 2 years apart and are often mistaken for twins.

Rachel lives in Maryland with her husband Andrew and their two dogs, Bear & Clancy. Rachel & Andrew just moved and our new house needs a lot of work to be turned into a home, so follow along as we work to update just about every inch of it! 

Amanda lives in Maryland too, with her husband Dane, their two boys, Duke & Maverick, and their two dogs, Bron and Belleau.  Amanda is always looking for projects and will be tackling her garden area soon.  She’ll be sharing a ton of home DIYs and décor tips!  

Our mom, Judy also lives in Maryland – in the home we grew up in! She is the best DIY-er we know and just retired this past July.  As a result, she will occasionally writing posts for Well, She Tried and will share lot of tips & tricks along the way.

We firmly believe that we can make it ourselves and we certainly do try!  

Follow along as we share our creations; the good, the bad and the ugly! Our hope for this blog is to share things we create and be a source of knowledge and inspiration for those looking for tips to improve their homes & their skills!


"A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves—a special kind of double."

-Toni Morrison

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