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Activity Packs for Weddings

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Andrew & I have three nieces and three nephews that were coming to the wedding, so we knew we needed a kids wedding activity pack to keep them busy!  This was quick and easy to throw together and really helped keep the children entertained during the wedding reception.  More importantly, their parents really appreciated the kids activity packs!  Since this isn’t really a DIY I’ll include a list of everything we used!

activity packs for weddings

1. Coloring Sheets

activity packs for weddings

I looked for wedding coloring books and didn’t find anything! I did find these coloring sheets at Hobby Lobby and was able to get them on sale for $2 so I felt this price was well worth buying versus making.  However, I made two quick sheets in Canva that are available for a free download below!  Of course, we included crayon packs to go with the sheets!

2. A Little Toy

We decided to include a small toy for the kids to play with.  We were using some left over bags from our Welcome Bags so it had to be on the smaller side to fit inside the bag.  I was also trying to be cost effective and was trying to shop around for bundles / multi-packs of toys.  After searching around, I found this box of 8 small toys all contained in an egg! This was definitely meant to be an Easter basket item, but it worked out perfectly for us! It came with four dinosaurs and four unicorns.  We gave each of our nieces a unicorn egg and each nephew a dinosaur egg!

party time

3. A Game

I really wanted to include games for the kids, but I couldn’t find anything that was practical.  Considering the kid’s wedding activities needed to keep them in their seat, I started searching for a game to keep them in their seats! I found these Sticker Play Sets on Amazon and once again, in a set! Each pack contained three play sets.  I purchased two packs and got the six sets I needed!

year old

If you have small kids coming to your wedding, I highly recommend a wedding activity book or bag to keep the kiddos engaged! If you’d like a free download of my Wedding Activity Sheets, subscribe below!

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