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Budget Friendly Bachelorette Proposal Boxes

Planning out my bachelorette proposal boxes was something I probably spent too much time on! I wanted them to include the cute bachelorette themed items as well as contain really useful items! My goal was to make each box for under $40/box. I have 6 bridesmaids, so this would bring my total as just under $250. I didn’t want to break the bank on these boxes as I know I want to get the girls something really special as a day-of gift!

All in, I came in under budget at $39.21 (total spent : $235.27).


* I had a TON of mini wine & champagne at my house so I only have to purchase one bottle.

I knew loved the Brumate champagne flutes from the minute their ad appeared on my Instagram feed!  Let’s face it, Apple knows what I want before I know :) 

They were also running a promotion for 1 free product when you purchased 5 from the wedding collection.  Rather than getting a free flute for one of the girls, I opted to get a white glitter flute for myself!

Admittedly, the scrunchies are a bit cheap feeling and I think the elastic will snap after a few uses, but they added the ‘bachelorette’ flair I was missing, so I was happy with them!

The trinket dish was probably my favorite! I really wanted to incorporate things that I thoughts the girls would use and being a massive Joanna Gaines fan, these were just perfect. They tied in with all the other pink goodies in the box and were pretty affordable. Amazon has cheaper dishes but I was afraid the quality wouldn’t be as good.

The boxes were on the smaller side, but were a perfect size for what I had and they are super cute. They were sturdy enough to hold all of the items, so they worked out great!

I was SO excited to find the candies in TJ Maxx. I stumbled upon them while passing time waiting on my wedding dress appointment! The package had 3 flavors and cute phrases all over them. They came in a 12-pack so each girl got 2! 

I cheated with the wine & champagne a bit. I had gotten a wine advent calendar for Christmas and had 5 mini wines that I hadn’t drank yet, so I only had to purchase one additional mini bottle.

The pack of cards came from HomeGoods – they weren’t necessarily ‘Bridal’ themed but I thought they were super cute and liked that I’d be able to use the extra cards for other purposes!

Below are the links for most items in the box! If you have any questions on anything, just ask!! :)

Bachelorette Proposal Boxes
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