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DIY Concrete Pumpkin

I knew I wanted a concrete pumpkin for my front porch! In our old townhouse, we didn’t really have much space for outdoor Halloween décor, or any outdoor home décor for that matter!  Now that we are in a single-family home, I feel like I’m starting from scratch on outdoor decorating, which is both intimidating and exciting! I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to turn a plastic pumpkin into a concrete one but I was ready to give it a shot!

pumpkin mold

Step 1: Remove Pumpkin Handles

concrete pumpkin

First, I removed the handles off my plastic pumpkins.  I couldn’t find my scissors so I decided to use a pair of nail clippers and that worked flawlessly!

Step 2: Fill Bottom Pumpkin with Concrete

I needed to ensure my pumpkin planter had weight so it wouldn’t blow over.  Therefore, I decided to add concrete to the bottom pumpkin.  First, I mixed the cement and water together.  Then, I poured the concrete mix directly into the pumpkin. I allowed the concrete to dry overnight.

concrete pumpkin

Step 3: Glue Pumpkins Together

These pumpkins stack perfectly!  I used the pumpkin I filled with concrete as my bottom pumpkin.  Then, using my hot glue gun, I applied glue along the bottom of one of the other pumpkins and set it inside the pumpkin with concrete. 

concrete pumpkin

I applied glue to the bottom of the last pumpkin and stacked it on top. With that, my pumpkin planter stack was ready for paint!

Step 4: Spray with Base Paint

Since I wasn’t sure how well the textured spray paint would cover, I used a charcoal grey base.  I sprayed the pumpkins until they were well covered.  Additionally, I sprayed a bit inside the top pumpkin.  I didn’t spend too much time trying to cover the inside, but I did make sure to get a light spray just incase the plant doesn’t fully cover the bright orange.  

concrete pumpkin

Step 5: Spray with Texture Spray Paint

diy halloween decor

Once the charcoal base dried, I sprayed the textured spray paint on top.  I was very happy I had applied a base beforehand since this didn’t really “cover” the color underneath but rather applied texture!  The application of this spray paint was so cool! I honestly can’t wait to find another excuse to use it again!

Step 6: Plant Fall Florals

I planted a mum in the top of my new planter, and it was done!

fall decor

This DIY was so quick & easy and I absolutely love my DIY Concrete Pumpkins!

concrete pumpkins

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DIY Concrete Pumpkin

Build Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Dry Time 1 day


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors (Or Nail Clippers!)


  • Glue Sticks
  • 3 Plastic Pumpkins
  • Concrete
  • Rust-oleum Charcoal Gray Spray Paint
  • Rust-oleum Stone Textured Finish
  • Mums


  • Remove Pumpkin Handles
  • Fill Bottom Pumpkin with Concrete
  • Glue Pumpkins Together
  • Spray with Base Paint
  • Spray with Texture Paint
  • Plant Fall Florals
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