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Design Plan - Kid's Playroom

Fall One Room Challenge '22

kids playroom ideas

This fall, the WST team is excited to share that we are taking on our FIRST One Room Challenge (which means sharing all our kids playroom ideas) !

For those unfamiliar with ORC, its a biannual event every spring and fall where DIYers and designers take on transforming a space and sharing the step-by-step on the ORC site along the way.  

The room we will be transforming is Amanda’s kid’s playroom! 

Since moving into our home two years ago, I have wanted to renovate this large room off the living room in our basement.  The previous owners had this spare room set up as a home gym but for us moving in to the home with an 8 month old and a 2 year old we knew this would be a playroom! Honestly, my mind has been swimming with kids playroom ideas. 

kids playroom ideas

Right now the room is just so dark and dingy!  The overall goal is to create a bright and functional play space.  So there are a few key elements I want to change and update.  I really want to create an inviting space where we all want to be to spend time as a family playing, learning, and engaging with our boys! 

Paint & Flooring

Right now this room is just so dark!  I want to paint the space in a bright light gray.  I do have a favorite paint color, so if I am being honest the room will likely be painted in Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. 

For flooring, initially I was picturing a light colored floor with more of a gray hue but as I search through some of my inspiration pictures I am starting to lean more towards a warm brown color.  

room ideas

Creating a Desk Nook (Craft Table)

home improvement

We have this nook in our play room that is about 48 inches deep and 100 inches long.  I want to build, what I am calling a desk nook, but ultimately imagining the use as craft table!  

A few key elements that are important for me in this space are a large work surface, storage, and a means to display my kids’ works of art!  As they get older, I envision this becoming a reading nook as well!

Pretend Play

I’ve always been told Pretend Play is such an important element for child development.  My kids are always watching and observing things my husband and I do and learning from it.  I love when they are able to take away things they observe, like cooking, cleaning, or building (DIYing!) and go off to imagining and play on their own.  

My youngest son is always making us pizza in his play kitchen.  My oldest son always wants to grab his tools when Mommy grabs hers!  We have a perfect play kitchen set up, but our play work bench needs an upgrade!  I hope to transform a small cabinet into a fun workbench that will inspire more pretend play! 


Functional Toy Storage

Our current toy storage set up is a DIY from our small townhome (which I love and you can check that out here) but its just not the most functional use of the space and therefore does not store the toys well.  Also, somehow with two boys, toys seem to have multiplied substantially! 

A few questions I have – How do you store large (colossal) size dinosaurs?  Also, what is the best way to store kid’s dress up (I am not hanging it up)? Requesting all Toy Storage Ideas! 

kids playroom ideas
playroom design ideas


Lastly, but certainly not least, I want fun and inspiring décor!  I envision pops of color, utilizing toys as display décor, and of course, involving my kids in as many elements of the room design as I can!  I want to tie together my interior design style with their love of dinosaurs and monster trucks!  Then, I want to let them have hands-on help in the finishing pieces – I am picturing a large canvas laid out in the grass for them to color or paint or whatever they want!  Maybe a few bookends for them to draw on or pick out stickers to cover them in!  The decorating ideas are endless, we will just have to see where we take it!

kids playroom ideas

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