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DIY Yarn Christmas Cone Trees

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We are calling these DIY Christmas Cone Trees a success because somehow they turned out great and received several compliments through the last holiday season!

But these were not completed without many choice words…

Crafting these DIY Cone Christmas Trees was harder than they should have been, but that’s why I’m sharing my lessons learned with you!! Learn from my mistakes and don’t burn the heck out of your fingers!


First, I used a foam floral cone.  I had asked in the store if they had cardboard or paper mache cones and was informed they were sold out. So I went with the floral cone… big mistake .. HUGE !  I could have saved myself the frustration but I didn’t..

I decided to use hot glue gun to attach the yarn, in my mind this seemed to be the easiest option. This is also where things got interesting! The hot glue melted the floral foam cone. So, if you can’t find the cardboard cones be sure to pick up some tacky glue! I did not have this on hand, so I keep going with my hot glue gun.

By the end of my first tree, my fingertips were numb to the burning glue! So obviously, I did the second one!

Directions.. I mean corrections.. that I’d follow today for the additional trees I plan to make will definitely include tacky glue.  Honestly, they did turn out well but I know I can do it better with the lessons I learned.  There are so many yarn choices out there that would make simply adorable trees!  As someone who like to crochet, I love doing projects and decorating with yarn!

Here’s just a few of the yarns skeins I’ve grabbed for my cone trees!

Come on!  Can you picture the fur yarn Christmas tree!  I can’t wait!

Once you have your cones and your yarn picked out, you’re ready to get stared! It is best to start at the bottom of the tree. I started by tacking the end of my yarn on the bottom edge.

For reference, my two trees are 11.9″ and 8.9″ tall.

From there I began to spiral up the Christmas cone tree

The first 5-8 rounds I ran the glue completely around. As I started to get farther up the tree, I would only tack the yarn about every other inch. 

I continued to wrap the cone until I got to the top. When I reached the top (of the second tree), I cut my yarn off and left about 3-4 inches excess. Using the excess, I continued to wrap a few more times and ensure the top was fully covered. The top of my first tree is not covered well! You can see some green through the yarn and I used way too much of the glue. Fortunately, I was the only one to notice this – unless I pointed it out, which I did do at least 80% of the time.

tree tops
finished trees

I used these trees on the built-in bookshelf in our living room. I would not call this my best work, but they ended up being perfect little bits of decoration mixed among books, trinkets, and other Christmas décor!  And all things aside, I do plan to make more for our home!

Last week we shared our DIY Beer Advent Calendar, so if you’re looking for any Christmas Craft ideas, check it out! Christmas is Rachel & I’s favorite holiday, so we’ll be sharing holiday DIYs on our blog throughout the month of December.  Whether it’s a new project, or something we’ve already made, we’ll be sharing our lessons with you!


Cone Christmas Trees

DIY Yarn Christmas Cone Trees

Build Time 1 hour
Units 1


  • Hot Glue Gun


  • Cone Paper Mache or Floral Foam
  • Glue Hot Glue or Tacky Glue
  • Yarn


  • Start by tacking the end of your yarn to the bottom of the cone. Do not cut the yarn.
  • For the first 5-8 rounds, glue all the way around to hold the yarn in place.
  • Continue to wrap the yarn around your cone, gluing every other inch or so.
  • When you reach the top cut your yarn, leaving about 3-4 inches excess. Use this excess to continue to wrap ensuring the entire top is well covered.
Cone Christmas Trees
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