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DIY Custom Wedding Stickers

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These custom wedding stickers came about after I saw another blog on wedding artwork! The girl had paid an artist to draw a picture of the venue and she included it in her invitations.  Unfortunately, paying an artist was not in my budget, so I got creative! I found a free app with a ton of features to help me convert a regular picture into a little piece of art!  

custom wedding sticker

Step 1: Download Picsart

Picsart is a free app with a ton of editing features! They do have a lot of ads on the app but I would rather deal with the ads than pay for it.  A number of their features require premium access but you can accomplish everything I did below for free!  

Step 2: Select Photo

Custom Wedding Stickers

I wanted our custom wedding stickers to include the venue! I chose a picture I took of the Manor House as my starting point.  

Step 3: Select ‘fx’ effects

custom wedding stickers

To begin editing, upload the chosen photo and select ‘fx’ effects! 

Step 4: Select ‘Feast’

You can play around with the different filter options but I found this is the best to make the picture look like real artwork! 

You can find this filter under the MAGIC, after you select ‘fx’ a row of options will show below the filter boxes.  Select MAGIC and then you will see the “Feast” filer.  Once you select the filter there are additional adjustment you can make until you are happy with the look.   When you are happy with the look of your photo hit “apply” in the upper right-hand corner. 

custom wedding stickers

Step 5: (optional) Cut out Background

custom wedding stickers

Next, I wanted to remove the sky so I cut out that portion of the picture.  From the main menu along the bottom, slide to the right and click “Cut out”. Then, select outline.  From here, select the section of the picture you want to keep! Don’t worry if it’s not exact, you’ll be able to make tweaks! Click the arrow to go to the next page.

custom wedding stickers

Step 6: (optional) Refine Selected Area

custom wedding stickers

In the next page, click restore to bring back anything you cut out by accident! Hit erase to erase any areas you didn’t quite get!  You can zoom in and also make your mouse smaller to get really small areas in the picture.  I removed the sky from a few sections in the trees to really make sure it looked completely gone. Finally hit save.


Step 7: (optional) Adjust the Image Shape

personalized wedding

I didn’t like the hard corners the picture had, so I went into Tools then Shape Crop.  Here I cropped the picture to have rounded edges.  They have a ton of different shapes you can chose from. After editing the shape, I hit the next arrow. 

stickers personalized

Step 8: Save Image

Click Next and then hit Save. When the next screen pops up hit “download photo”.

wedding favors
bachelorette party

Step 9: Personalize and Order!

Custom Wedding Stickers

Now that you have your artwork, you can use it on whatever you’d like! I decided to order stickers with the artwork to stick onto our Welcome Bags at the hotel! I added the words to the bottom and ordered the personalized stickers through Zazzle!

Custom Wedding Stickers
Custom Wedding Stickers

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custom wedding stickers

DIY Custom Wedding Stickers

Build Time 1 hour


  • A Phone!


  • Picsart


  • Download Picsart
  • Select Photo
  • Click ‘fx’ Effects
  • Select ‘Feast’
  • Cut out Background (optional)
  • Refine Selected Area (optional)
  • Adjust the Image Shape (optional)
  • Save Image
  • Personalize and Order!
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