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DIY Halloween Pumpkin Planters

These inexpensive stacked DIY Halloween Pumpkin Planters were so fun and easy to make! I knew I needed something more than a couple potted mums and a wreath on my front door.  We moved into our single family home last October and having previously lived in a small townhome in Alexandria City, we didn’t have the space for Halloween décor. While I still have a long way to go to get the perfect fall and Halloween porch décor of my dreams, I love the way these outdoor DIY Halloween planters turned out!

coffin table planter

So that lead us to this DIY Pumpkin Planter post!

When I began searching Pinterest for Halloween planter ideas to create, I came across a number of skull planter options.  However, while I love spooky Halloween décor, ultimately I knew I wanted something a bit more friendly!

Also, is there really anything better than a fun, quick project that you can include your kiddos on?! 

My oldest (3-year-old) and I had so much fun with this one.  I like to involve my kids whenever possible, so when I grabbed a drill, a stack of pumpkin buckets and our son Duke! 

For this project you just need to grab 4-5 pumpkin trick-or-treat buckets, your drill, a stick/post, and an empty flowerpot.  If you don’t have a flowerpot this could be put right into the ground!

I think it would be best to use rebar stake as the post, which you could get from your local hardware store.  But I used a snow stake because that’s what I had on hand, and it has been standing strong over the last about week!

pumpkin planters

I started by just pushing the stake into the flowerpot – then went one pumpkin bucket at a time and started to stack them on!

I drilled two holes in the buckets one directly centered in the bottom of the bucket and then another on either side of the bucket depending on how I wanted the bucket to lean.  The second hole was just under the rim of the bucket, see the picture below.

From there I just put them onto the stake – I think this is where the snow stake was a nice option.  Even through the rebar would provide a sturdier option, I was able to bend the stake slightly so the holes in the buckets didn’t have to be perfect to weave through the two holes.   


Is there really anything better than a fun, quick project that you can include your kiddos on?!

decorating ideas

After I had enough buckets on the stake to the height of my liking, it was time to add my plants! I used small $1 pots of mums from my local Walmart to fill up the buckets.  Then I added some straw to get a more finished look.  I just used a small decoration straw bale from Walmart’s seasonal section.  Since I placed two small mums in each bucket, I liked the option to cover that up a bit. 

I chose not to plant the mums in the pots (with potting soil, drainage, etc.) because I wanted this to be easy to break down after Halloween! I intend to repurpose the mini mum pots elsewhere for the remainder of the fall décor season!

planter ideas

Here’s the finished product!

This would also look great with several different Halloween decorations falling out of the buckets rather than using flowers.  I can picture spiders crawling or even a creepy clown mask peeping out of one of the buckets!  I hope you are able to have fun both making and decorating this easy DIY!

Halloween decor
pumpkin planters


Home Depot: Weyerhaeuser 1/2 in x 4 ft. #4 Rebar
halloween planters
Target: Trick-or-Treat Bucket
Walmart: Expert Gardener PINT MUM
DIY Halloween Pumpkin Planters

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Planters

Easy DIY Halloween Pumpkin Planters to spruce up your holiday decor!
Build Time 45 minutes
Units 1 planter


  • Drill with drill bit


  • 4-5 Pumpkin Trick-or-Treat Buckets
  • 1 Stake/Rebar stake
  • 8 Plants of your choice (or Halloween decorations!)
  • 1 Flower Pot (optional)
  • 1 Straw Bale (optional)


  • Push your stake into your flowerpot or garden bed.
  • Drill two holes in each of your pumpkin buckets; the first in the center bottom of the bucket, and the second near the rim to either side depending on how you want the pumpkin to lean.
  • Push your pumpkin buckets onto the stake weaving through both holes.
  • Add your flowers (or other Halloween decorations).
  • Stand back and admire!
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