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DIY Hanging Planters

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With the warmer weather here, I’ve been obsessing over succulent plants.  I think I’ve planted nearly a dozen in quite a few different pots around our home.  But what I really love is all the fancy geometric planters for succulent plants!  You know the ones the hanging terrarium-type.  As I continued to plant succulents I knew I wanted to try to make my own glass planters.

I do have a slight advantage because my Dad owns and operates a Stained Glass Studio.  He always has piles of scrap glass he sells in boxes or tosses out.  So I knew right where to look for some scrap to start making my planters with!

This DIY hanging planter does require some specialized tools but they are all relatively inexpensive.

diy hanging planters

Step 1: Draw your Design & Create a Template

Looking at all the vivid colors in a box of scrap glass I knew exactly what I wanted to make.  I attempted to draw out my design, this was a sad drawing!  I wanted a flat back so that these could hang on a privacy divider and then I wanted two triangles to meet in the middle to form the geometric shape. 

Once I had a general idea of the design I wanted.  I then worked to create a paper template for each of the different triangles would make up the planter.  

This took some time, fine tuning, a triangular ruler and a few pieces of broken glass but in no time I could see this vision coming to life.

Step 2: Cut the Glass

To cut glass you will need a glass cutter.  I prefer a glass cutter with an automatic oil feed.  I used my template and a sharpie to trace the shape onto the glass.  Then I laid a straight edge on the line to press the glass cutter against and ran the cutter down line to cut the glass. 

diy hanging planters
diy hanging planters
hanging plant

Step 3: Wrap the Glass with Copper Foil

herb garden

Each piece of glass has to be wrapped in copper foil in order to solder together.  You will wrap the copper foil around the edges of the glass and then go back over it to press down the copper foil tape to the sides of the glass.  I used a scrap piece of cardboard flatten the copper foil on all sides so that I did not tear up my fingertips! 

diy projects

Step 4: Solder the Pieces Together

After each piece is wrapped it’s time to solder some planters together!  Soldering proved to be a bit difficult, requiring a bit of balancing and a second pair of hands due to the shape of the planter.  

To solder the planters together I started by soldering the triangles at meeting points.  This would hold the planter together and then I could go back to solder the entire joint.  First, wipe the joints with some soldering flux.  Then grab the solder and hold it at the joint against the soldering iron.  Use just a small amount in the corner joints just to hold the planter together. 

Once I had a few points that were holding everything together I then went back over the entire lines with soldering flux and soldered on the outside of the planter.  Then for the more difficult part, I followed the same method and soldering on the inside of the planters to ensure a solid hold at all the joints.  This part was difficult and I can say some of those solder joints were quite rough! 

I then use some tinned copper wire to make the circles for the hanging hooks.  I just wrapped the wire around a sharpie to create a clean circle.  Then these were soldered onto the back corners of each planter. 

Step 5: Wash off the Flux and Solder

This is a simple step!  Just use some mild dish soap and warm water.  I filled a utility tub with some water and soap and just dunk the planters and wiped them off. 

Step 6 (Optional): Patina the Solder Joints

plant hanger

Brushing patina over solder joints creates an aged blackened look to the joints, so this is completely optional.  I prefer the aged look against stained glass so I decided to wipe all the solder joints down.  Once that was completed I did again wipe the planted down but this time with some glass cleaner.


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diy hanging planters

DIY Hanging Planters

Build Time 2 hours


  • Glass Cutter
  • Straight Edge
  • Soldering Iron


  • Glass
  • Glass Cutting Oil
  • Copper Foil
  • Soldering Flux
  • Solder
  • Patina


  • Draw Design & Create a Template
  • Cut the Glass
  • Wrap the Glass with Copper Foil
  • Solder the Pieces Together
  • Wash off the Flux and Solder
  • Patina the Solder Joints (optional)
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