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DIY Mothers Day Gift Idea

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So I realize it’s past Mother’s Day but both my husband and I ended up catching COVID the week before Mother’s Day so I was never able to make this with my boys.  I had planned to create this for my kid’s Grandmas and don’t Grandmas always love surprise gifts from their grandbabies?  Maybe nearly as much as the kids enjoy making them?! 

Either way, this was a fun quick, easy diy project that my boys really enjoyed getting involved in and it used their hand prints so really there’s never a bad time to find an excuse to create a personalized handprint keepsake.

Step 1: Paint the Wood Plaque

My oldest son (3, almost 4 year old) did this step.  I squirted white paint onto the plaque board, gave him a sponge brush and just let him cover the board in white paint.  There was lots of texture and different direction and I loved it and he loved being able to do it himself! 

diy mothers day gift

Step 2: Paint your Kid's hand(s) and press onto the board

diy mothers day gift

This whole project is really best suited for play clothes and done outdoors! 

The handprints will become the “flowers” on this project so place the kids’ hands mostly toward the top of board. I let my kids pick the color they wanted their hands painted.  Then, I let them pick which hand they wanted to use.  I have two boys, so we took turns and this allowed for me to mix up the handprints and the colors a bit. 

give mom

Step 3: Create your Flower vase

I have basically been looking for an excuse to play with some wall plaster.  I knew that plaster would make a perfect textured vase for this project, rather than just painting the vase on.  So that’s just what I did! 

I did not use any special tools for this!  The only tool I needed was a disposable knife.  I simply used a pencil to draw the vase and shape that I wanted onto the board.  Then, using the knife, I caked on the spackling and filled in the space that I had outlined.  Next, I let it all dry overnight!

day crafts
diy gift

Step 4: Add any personalization

Design your personalization in Word or Publisher, then print it out.  Color the backside if the paper with chalk and then lay on your wood plaque and trace it onto the board.  Then use your paints or paint pen to color in.  A special touch that I added was to let my oldest son write his own name with the paint pen.  I also wrote on the backside of the plaque the date, year and Happy Mother’s Day. 

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DIY Mother's Day Gift Idea

Build Time 1 hour
Dry Time 1 day


  • Disposable Knife
  • Pencil
  • Sponge Paint Brush


  • Wood Plaque
  • Non-Toxic Acrylic Paint
  • Wall Spackle
  • Chalk
  • Paint Pens


  • Paint the Wood Plaque
  • Paint Child's Hands and Press onto the Plaque
  • Create Flower Vase
  • Add Personalization
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