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DIY Plant Stand

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I decided to make this DIY Plant Stand for Andrew’s sister Lucy.  We had ordered her a Wooden Plant Stand from Anthropologie for Christmas and unfortunately it never came! It kept getting backordered until finally, they cancelled the order all together.  As frustrated as I was, this was a fun project to take on! I knew Lucy really wanted an indoor plant stand for her home, so I started brainstorming plant stand ideas. 

Andrew & I made wood slice centerpieces for our wedding décor and had a few extra pieces we didn’t need.  A pine tree fell down at the farm and Andrew cut me over 100 wood slices! With so many rounds and the cancelled order, I thought it would make a great top for a rustic plant stand. 

diy plant stand

Step 1: Cut the Wood Round

wooden plant stands

Having so many spare wood slices made my plant stand super simple and easy DIY to build! However, assuming you didn’t just make 75 wood rounds for your wedding, the first step for this little stand is to cut a wood round.  Andrew used a chainsaw and cut this wood round from a pine tree that had fallen at their farm.  This particular piece was actually on the end, so it had weathered a bit more than the other pieces.  The character that this piece had just made me love it more!

Step 2: Let the Wood Dry Out

plant stand idea

Let the wood round dry out. We left ours in my parent’s basement for about 2 months before we started working on them. If you are short on time, I recommend putting the wood slices into the oven to speed up the process (here is a great step by step guide on doing so!).

Step 3: Sand the Wood Round

Using a palm sander and 80-grit sandpaper to sand the wood slices.  I chose the only sand the top, as the bottom was going to have the legs screwed into it. I sanded until the wood was smooth to touch.

plant stand plan

Step 4: Wipe & Paint with Polyurethane

Unlike the wood rounds we finished for the wedding, I chose to paint on the Polyurethane rather than using spray.  While the spray was quick and effective for our wood slice centerpieces, I wanted a thicker coat for the plant stand.  With plants being watered on it, I knew there would be a lot of water hitting the top. 

First, I wiped the wood slice with denatured alcohol. Then, I spread a thin coat of poly on the back side of the wood round.  I poured it straight from the gallon and then spread it around with a paint brush.  After it fully dried, I applied two coats of poly to the top using the same method.

frame plant stand

Step 5: Attach the Legs

I loved the legs I used for the DIY Dog Bowl Stand so much, I decided to order another set for this project! I used 6” legs this time and was only able to fit three on the bottom of this wood round.  Initially, I was worried three might look odd, but it turned out great! The legs come with the required hardware to attach.

mid century plant

Once the legs were attached, this little wood plant stand was ready for her plants! Since this turned out to be one of the few diy projects that didn’t require me to buy much, I may make a few more plant stands with the other scrap wood rounds.

diy plant stand

DIY Plant Stand Links

diy plant stand

DIY Plant Stand

Build Time 2 hours
Dry + Dry Out Time 30 days
Units 1


  • Palm Sander
  • Drill
  • Disposable Paint Brush


  • Wood Slice
  • Metal Legs
  • Polyurethane


  • Cut the Wood Round
  • Let the Wood Dry Out
  • Sand the Wood Round
  • Wipe & Paint with Polyurethane
  • Attach the Legs
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