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DIY Snow Globe Gift Card Holder

snow globe gift

These Christmas snow globe gift card holders turned out so dang cute! I have such a hard time giving gift cards!  But for this years teacher gifts, I came to the sense that a gift card was the best option for my kids’ teachers.  With that, I knew there was no way I’d be able to just gift them a card in a box or envelope.  I also wanted to include my kids, they love their teachers and I wanted them to be excited to give them a gift as well! 

I also didn’t want to spend too much on the outside so that I could put more towards the gift card itself.  So, I headed into the dollar store!  

I was not sure exactly what I was going after but was hoping to just find some inspiration.  When I came across these fillable snow globe balls and after shoving my credit card in it to ensure a gift card would fit I knew exactly what I was going to do!!


If you are unable to get to a Dollar Tree, I have provided links to similar items below at the best prices I can find. 

  • Plastic 4″ Water Globe
  • Foam Bead Faux Snow
  • Mini Figures

Step One: Glue Decorations to Globe Base

I arranged the figures to my liking on top of the 5 different snow globe bases.  

Once I was happy with how each base looked; I used my glue gun and glued the mini figures directly to the snow globe base.  

santa claus

Step Two: Add Faux Snow to the Globe

snow globe gift

I decided to use the faux snow pearls instead of the tinsel snow because I thought it may be easier to allow the globed to be opened and the gift card be pulled out without too much of a mess.  Turns out the pearls have a lot of static so I am really not sure which will be easier! 

Pour the snow into the clear plastic globe part.  Add as much or as little as you’d like.  

Step Three: Add the Gift Card

I went with Amazon gift cards and they came in the cutest little red envelopes.  If you don’t have cute envelopes for yours I would recommend just wrapping the card in some Christmas wrapping paper.  This will give a nice background in your globe.

With the card in the globe part, I pushed the base back into the globe and screwed on the top. 

shop christmas

Step Four: Decorate the exterior (Optional)

snow globe gift

On the exterior of the globe I decided to add a small bow to the base.  Then I had my oldest son (4) write his name on the bottom, I wrote my youngest son’s (2) name for him. 

Total, excluding the gift card and tax, these cost me $2.75!! That is basically the price of a gift bag, and certainly less than the price of a card!  And, my kids are so excited to give these to their teachers! 

snow globe gift

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Disclosure: We only recommend products we would use ourselves and all opinions expressed her are our own.  We shop for the best prices for ourselves and share those with you! 

snow globe gift
Dollar Tree: Plastic DIY Snow Globes, 4.25x4 in.
snow globe gift
Crafter's Square Christmas Faux White Snow
snow globe gift
Dollar Tree: Cobblestone Corners 2022 Christmas Village Collection
snow globe gift

DIY Snow Globe Gift Card Holder

Prep Time 5 minutes
Build Time 15 minutes
Dry Time 3 minutes


  • Hot Glue Gun


  • Plastic 4" Water Globe
  • Foam Bead Faux Snow
  • Mini Figurines
  • Gift Card


  • Glue Decorations to Globe Base
  • Fill Clear Plastic Globe with Foam Beads
  • Add the Gift Card
  • Decorate the outside (optional)
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