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DIY TV Cabinet

I made this DIY TV Cabinet to hide the TV on our screened-in porch!  Andrew & I wanted to be able to watch football games out on the porch in the fall but a TV on the wall did not go with my design for the space.. so I knew I had to hide it! I used Cedar Fence boards in a number of projects in the screened-in porch so I knew I wanted to use them again for this cabinet. 

I had picked this TV up from an online auction for just $11! However, it is a little dated and not a slim profile. Therefore, the width of just one fence board wasn’t going to cut it, so I knew I would need to double the boards to hide the TV.  The below step by step guide involves making two boxes as the base of the cabinet.  If you have a slimmer TV than I do, you may be okay using just one box! 

Step 1: Cut Boards to Size

I started out by cutting my boards to size! I cut four boards at 46″ and four boards at 34″. As a reminder, I knew I needed two boxes to fit my big ole TV! 

diy tv cabinet

Step 2: Build Box (or Boxes if needed!)

diy tv cabinet

I then used 2″ screws to build both boxes.  

Step 3: Attach Boxes Together (if needed)

As I mentioned before, the TV we had gotten for the porch is fairly bulky, so I needed to make two boxes.  With the boxes assembled, I was ready to attach them together.  I used a Kreg Jig to drill 4 pocket holes per side (16 holes total!) in one of the boxes.  I then used 1-inch pocket hole screws to secure the boxes together. 

diy tv cabinet

Step 4: Attach Box to the Wall

To hang the box on the wall, I used two 2×4’s!  I screwed the first 2×4 into the wall above the TV, ensuring I hit the studs.  Then I placed the box on top of the board and screwed the box into the board. 

diy projects

Next, I screwed my second 2×4 into the wall at the bottom of the box, again ensuring I was screwing into the studs. Finally, I screwed the bottom of the box into the 2×4. 

Step 5: Build Door Panels

Building the door panels is a two-step process.  First, I cut the boards to size.  I wanted to allow a bit of space between the door panel and the top/bottom of the box.  Therefore, I cut my boards at 33 1/2″. 

diy tv cabinet
diy tv cabinet

Then, I attached two boards together using pocket holes.  I drilled 4 pocket holes in one board and then used 1-inch pocket hole screws to attach it to another board.  This created my door panel! I made four panels total. 

Step 6: Attach Hinges

Next, I used two 2″ hinges to attach two of the panels together.  I repeated this with the other two panels.  

The hinges allow the doors to bi-fold so they take up minimal space when opened!

Note: The screws that came with the hinges were too long for the boards! I had to order smaller screws from Amazon (linked below!). 

diy tv cabinet

Finally, I attached two larger hinges to the door and then to the box. 

Step 7: Add Latch (optional)

To finish off the cabinet I used my Brad Nailer to attach a thin piece of wood to the bottom of the TV Cabinet.  Then I added a latch to the front to hold the doors together! 

diy tv cabinet

Like the way my DIY TV Cabinet turned out?  Check out my full porch redo here

DIY TV Cabinet Links

diy tv cabinet

DIY TV Cabinet

Build Time 3 hours 30 minutes


  • Miter Saw
  • Drill
  • Kreg Jig


  • Cedar Fence Picket
  • 2" Screws
  • 1" Pocket Hole Screws
  • 2 x 4's
  • 4 2" Hinges
  • 4 Large Decorative Hinges
  • Latch


  • Cut Boards to Size
  • Build Box (or Boxes if needed!)
  • Attach Boxes Together (if needed)
  • Attach Box to the Wall
  • Build Door Panels
  • Attach Hinges
  • Add Latch (optional)
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