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Easy DIY TV Frame

TV frame

I have always been opposed to having a TV in the bedroom; but marriage is all about compromise right?! 

So when I agreed to a TV in our room it came with some parameters!  It had to be pretty!  I told my husband we could hang the TV as long as I had free rights to add a DIY frame!  This frame was made for a XX inch TV. 


  • Decorative Trim
  • Edge Moulding
  • Corner “L” Brackets (4)
  • Wood Glue
  • Spray Paint
  • Rub and Buff
  • Elastic Bands
  • Wood Filler
  • Slim (low profile)TV Wall Mount


  • Miter Saw
  • Drill
  • Corner Clamps

Step One: Pick out Trim

When selecting the trim for the front (face) of your frame make sure the trim is wide enough to cover the TV edge.  My TV edge is 1 7/8 inch wide.  The trim I used is 2 1/2 inch wide.

For the edge moulding/trim measure from the edge of the TV to the wall. Then make sure to add the edge width of the front trim to determine how wide this trim should be. *This was the mistake I made, so my edge trim is not touching my wall. 

Step Two: Cut Trim

Measure your TV screen only, this will give you the inner measurement for the front trim. Cut the front trim at a 45 degree mitered angle cut. 

For the edge trim, measure the long sides of the front trim.  Then cut the edge trim at a 45 degree beveled angle cut. 

A miter cut is a cut made with the blade vertical, and the cut is across the face  of the board.  A beveled cut is made with the blade tilted over at an angle.

Step Three: Glue & Clamp Front Frame

Apply glue to one edge of your mitered corner cuts. Then press the glued edge against the other mitered edge and clamp together until dried.

This will create the corners of your frame.

Step Four: Attach Corner "L" Brackets

To add additional support to the frame, I attached “L” brackets at each of the corners.  Make sure the screws are not too long and don’t go through the trim! 

Step Five: Attach the Edge Trim

Now with the front frame put together, attached the edge moulding to the sides.  Make sure the beveled cut lines up with the point of each corner.  Attach the edge moulding by gluing into place and clamping until glue is dry.  You can also add a few nails for additional hold while the glue dries.


Step Six: Fill Holes & Gaps

Use a wood filler or bondo to fill all nail holes and any gaps between the trim edges or corners.  Depending on your planned finish you may want to use a stainable filler if you are planning to stain your frame rather than paint it. 

Step Seven: Paint the Frame

To create this finish, I started by first spray painting the frame in a stain black spray paint.  Then applied a gold finish on top of the black paint.  I used rub and buff in the color antique gold.  I just wiped the rub and buff on with my finger and used a dry rag to spread it out and wipe off any excess until I was happy with the finish.

I did test a few different gold finish options and I just feel like rub and buff is the superior option! 

Step Eight: Attach Elastic Bands

Staple elastic bands on the backside from the top of the frame to the bottom.  I used 1″ elastic strips, stapled about 8 inch in from either side of the frame.  This will just provide additional support to secure the frame to the TV.   

Step Nine: Add Blocks (if needed)

Use any scrapes to add blocks to the top inside of the frame to hold frame at the correct height. 

Step Ten: Hang it up!

To hang the frame on the TV, start from one side and slide the elastic band over the tv.  Then stretch the other band over the other side and ensure the blocks are sitting on top of the TV edge.  

Links to Create a Faux Wood Finish

tv frame

DIY TV Frame

Prep Time 1 hour
Build Time 6 hours
Dry Time 8 hours


  • Miter Saw
  • Drill
  • Paint Supplies


  • Front Trim
  • Edge Trim
  • 4 Corner "L" Brackets
  • Spray Paint Stain Black
  • Rub and Buff Antique Gold
  • Elastic Band
  • Wood Filler
  • Ultra Slim, Low Profile TV Wall Mount


  • Pick out trim.
  • Cut trim.
  • Glue & clamp front frame.
  • Attach corner "L" brackets.
  • Attach the edge moulding.
  • Fill any holes & gaps.
  • Paint the frame.
  • Attach elastic bands.
  • Add blocks (if needed).
  • Hang it up!

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