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DIY Valentine's Day Gift Basket

Since becoming a Mom, Holidays have just become so much more fun and this DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Basket proves that! 

Don’t get me wrong they were fun before, but now to see all the joy and excitement in little faces has just been the best gift ever!  So that is just what this post is all about.  Creating a fun DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Basket that isn’t just chocked full of goodies but is just as much fun as what is in it! 

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Basket

Step One: Gather Supplies

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Basket

Maybe its just me, but my kids will use the gift container for long after they open the gift.  Whether it is a bag or a box, they just seems to like to be able to put their toys and treats into something to carry around!  I am excited about this project because I know they will really love to use this basket even after Valentine’s Day has passed.

To create this fun gift basket you will only need a mini mailbox, a bin/basket, and a scrap dowel or piece of scrap wood.  

I found my mini mailbox at Walmart, and found my “be mine” basket at Dollar Tree.  The be mine basket is showing as sold out so I have link other options below! 

Step Two: Glue Mini Mailbox to Dowel

I used these 3/4 inch square dowels for my DIY picture frames so I had a small cut off that I used to make my mail box post.  You could also use a scrape 1″x2″ or even some scrap PVC, really anything you have laying around.  My “post” (dowels) are 7 1/2 inches tall and they were the perfect height for this basket. 

I used my hot glue gun to attached the dowel to the mail box.  I covered the end of the dowel with hot glue and then place it in the center of the bottom of the mailbox.  Once it dried, I then ran a small bead of hot glue where the dowel met the mailbox, just to provide some additional support. 

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Basket

Step Three: Glue Dowel to Bottom of Bin/Basket

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Basket

Once the mini mailbox was secured to the dowel and the hot glue was dry I then glued the other end of the dowel into the bottom of my “be mine” basket.  I again used my hot glue gun, I put a large squeeze of glue in the bottom of the basket and pressed the dowel into it. 

I was loving the way this was coming together! 

Step Four: Add Filler, Gifts, and Treats

As if the last few easy steps weren’t fun enough! Now let’s fill this thing up with all the treats your kiddos will love!  

I started by adding some crinkle paper shred, particularly around the mailbox post.  Then, I added a stuffed animal, some Valentine’s Days coloring kits, and some bath bombs.  Then, I stuffed the mailbox full of different candies! 

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Basket
DIY Valentine's Day Gift Basket

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DIY Valentine's Day Kid's Gift Basket

Prep Time 10 minutes
Build Time 30 minutes
Dry Time 5 minutes


  • Hot Glue Gun


  • 1 Mini Mailbox
  • 1 Bin/Basket
  • 1 Square Dowel
  • Crinkle Paper Shreds
  • Candy/Treats
  • Stuff Animal


  • Gather Supplies
  • Glue mini mailbox to dowel
  • Glue dowel to bottom of bin/basket
  • Add filler, gifts, treats, and stuffed animal
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