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Easy DIY Vase Updates

These DIY Vase Updates are so fun and easy to do! I had so many plain glass vases just taking up space in my pantry!  

I decided to use plain glass vase and turn them into something I could use with everyday decor.  To start, I grabbed three vases and planned out three difference techniques to try and find a favorite.  However, I did want some different finishes as well so really was hoping each one looked great! 


  • Paint (Vase #1)
  • Baking Soda (Vase #1)
  • Flour (Vase #1)
  • Joint Compound (Vase #2)
  • Dirt (Vase #2)
  • Spray Paint (Base color & Textured) (Vase #3)


  • Paint Brush
  • Putty Knife
  • Sponge

Vase One: The Baking Soda Vase

For this vase I decided to use a method that I had previously used to create some Halloween decor.  Last Fall I created this terracotta pumpkin and I loved the way it turned out.  So this was a familiar method, however, instead of the terracotta coloring I decided to use a black paint.  

First painted the vase with just the black paint and allowed it to dry. 

Then I mixed about 1 cup of paint with 1/2 cup of baking soda.  The more baking soda you add the thicker the paint and the more texture. 

Once I was happy with the consistency of the paint I covered the entire vase.  I worked the paint in a circular motion around the vase to give it more of a pottery look.

Next, I used a dry paint brush and dipped it into some flour.  With the paint on the vase almost dry, I then dusted on some flour to give it the washed, age look.  You can skip this part if you just want the texture without the dusting! 

Vase Two: The Mud Vase

This vase was an emotional roller coaster! But I kept working through it and I love how it turned out!

For this vase I decided to use a joint compound as the base of the finish.  

I mixed about 1 cup of joint compound with 1/4 cup of water and then added about 1/2 cup of dirt.  Seriously, just dirt from my garden! 

Then, I just layered the mixture onto the vase. (And questioned every idea I ever had!) It really just looked like my kids covered it in mud!  I left it over night to dry.

Once it was dry I decided to sand down the sharp more pointed parts on the finish.

Layered on compound mixture.
After the mixture dried on the vase.
After sanding sharp edges.

When I was happy with sanding, it was then time to paint!

To paint this vase I used a dampened sponge.  I started with a white paint (SW Westhighland White) for the base layer and fully covered the vase.  Next, I used a light tan (SW Chopsticks) and lightly sponged over some of the more raised spots.  And lastly, I used a darker tan (Behr Basketry) and even more lightly sponged some of this color on to finished this vase.

You could do this in any colors you’d like!  I used paints that I had on hand and went from the lightest color to the darkest, but you could also go from the darkest color to the lightest! 

Vase Three: Textured Spray Paint

This was the easiest of the three vases but was also the most expensive option.  I love this textured spray paint and all the options there are to use it but it does come with a bit of a price tag. 

For this vase, I started with Rust-Oleum Stain spray paint in the color Heirloom.  I covered the entire vase in this base color.  

Once the base coat was dry, I then went back over the vase with Rust-Oleum Textured spray paint in the color Desert Bisque. 

I used a dry paint brush to go over the textured spray paint to create some flaws in the finish.  This is definitely just a preference.   

I am so happy with how each of these vases turned out! Each one is different and works perfectly on bookshelves or in entry way either with or without flowers!  I love being able to use these vase everyday instead of just storing them in to top of my pantry! 

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