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DIY Vintage Farmhouse Christmas Table

I am so in happy with how my vintage Christmas Tablescape turned out. I have always admired vintage Christmas dish sets, but could never bring myself to buy them. Well this year my mom surprised me with this dish set and I absolutely adore it!  So, these dishes are the inspiration for my entire table setting! 

While dishes aren’t generally considered the centerpiece of a table, these vintage dishes were the centerpiece to my inspiration for this vintage Christmas tablescape. 

vintage christmas table

Christmas Tablescape Key Supplies

vintage Christmas tablescape

To start your table setting, I recommend first collecting all your key supplies.  I say key supplies because once  you have your base set then you can add in your décor items and finishing touches! 

For a Christmas table setting, here’s my list of key elements.

  • Christmas Dish Set
  • Garland
  • Battery Powered Twinkle Lights
  • Buffalo Check Table Runner
  • Charger Plate
  • Napkins
  • Frosted Berry Spray

Christmas Tablescape Decor Supplies

vintage Christmas tablescape

Décor supplies can be so many different things!  I recommend starting by pulling out some of the décor items that you already have.  When selecting my décor items I like to start with items to bring warmth to the tablescape.  This was especially necessary to bring in the vintage feel I was going for.  I used a wooden cake stand, a carved wooden candle holder, and the natural braided chargers.  Other items I used included knit ornaments, large ornaments, candles, ceramic trees, and a reindeer set.  

I have linked some of my favorite go to décor grabs below. 

Setting Your Table

To set my table, I started by placing the runner down the center of the table.  Then I placed my charger plates.  With these set, I placed my garland strands in the middle of the table.  I then fluffed the garland and bent it in certain spots to prep for some décor.  Once you have the garland to your liking, then add your battery powered twinkle lights and any floral sprays into the garland. 

Learn from my tip: Weave in your twinkle lights before placing your garland, and certainly before placing décor pieces. I got too excited and ended up weaving in my lights after everything was perfectly set, so I had to redo a lot. 

vintage Christmas tablescape

With the base of the table set, I started to add in my décor items.  I started with larger items and candles, placed ornaments, and lastly added in additional greenery and floral sprays. 

Extra Touches

For the rest of the dining room I wanted to bring in more warmth and more of the vintage farmhouse feel.  

On the side board I added a small hot chocolate bar with mugs and toppings, along with signs and a Santa figure.  Then, I added bows to each chair with plain red ribbon.  The pops of red really tie with the dishes and the vintage nostalgic feel I was hoping for. 

christmas table setting
vintage christmas tablescape

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