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DIY Wedding Table Plan

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If you’ve been attempting a wedding seating chart you know why this DIY Wedding Table Plan was completely necessary!  Seating charts are difficult for any event, but wedding table plans seem to be one of the most difficult  parts of wedding planning.   This person can’t sit at the same table as that one, the younger tables all should be together, etc!  After trying to sort through it all in excel, I knew I needed a table plan printed.  I started thinking of wedding table plan ideas and decided to make something.  

diy wedding table

Step 1: Determine Table Size

I will have 6′ round tables at the wedding reception.  Different wedding venues will likely offer different size tables, so make sure you determine the size and how many people each table will hold!   A 6′ round table allows for 10 people seated per table. So, to determine what size the tables needed to be for my planning board, I first determined how big I wanted each “guest” to be.

Ultimately, I decided a 1″ circle would be the ideal size.  I found 1″ wood circles that were perfect! I laid 10 of them in a circle to back into what size circle I needed for my board. The diameter ended up at 4″!  As luck would have it, I had 4″ round cake boards on hand that worked flawlessly as a DIY table.  Mini cake boards have a tab for holding the board – I decided to cut that off to make them a perfect circle. 

UPDATE: If you are working with 6′ tables, you should only put 8 people at each table! Therefore, I recommend buying 3.15″ diameter cake boards

diy weddings

Step 2: Determine Layout

With my table size determined, I needed to lay out the floor plan before I settled on a board size.  I laid out all of the tables and added in a square using card stock for the dance floor.  Since Andrew & I’s sweetheart table is a square, I cut it out of one of the cake boards. I added the gift table and the DJ’s table in the same way. 

Finally, with my layout done I was able to pick a board size! To fit all 17 tables, the dance floor and our sweetheart table, I needed a 36″ x 24″ size poster board.  I couldn’t find one that size, but I did find a Tri-Fold Display board that worked! I decided to cut the sides off using a razor blade and just use the center!  

diy wedding table plan

Step 3: Glue Tables & Other Stationary Locations in Place

Next, I glued it into place using a glue stick, spacing each table using two wood circles. 

TIP: Make sure you don't glue the tables too closely together. Ensure that you will be able to fit two wood circles in between each table!

Step 4: Stick the Velcro

I learned that the two sides of velcro are actually called hook and loop!  The hook is the rough side and the loop is the soft side.

I stuck the loop side to the wooden circles. Then, I stuck the hook side of the velcro on the board, surrounding the tables. 


Step 5: Label the Guests

diy wedding table plan

Next, I wrote the names of all of my guests on each 1″ wood circle.  I hadn’t received all of the RSVPs yet, however since I purchased the pack of 200 I just labeled everyone.  I also labeled the tables with their corresponding table numbers using a chalkboard marker. 

TIP: Test out your marker on a spare wood circle first!

The first marker I used bled into the wood, so make ruse you’re using a marker that won’t cause bleed through!

table board

Step 6: Determine Seating Plan

Now this was the fun part! I placed all of my guests where I wanted them to sit initially and quickly realized everything needed to change (LOL).  I am still not settled on the exact seating plan but I am enjoying the planning! 

diy wedding table plan

If you love the way this unique table plan turned out, or if you’re just looking for wedding inspiration, check out our other DIY wedding ideas here!

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Target: Elmer's 36" x 48" Tri-Fold Foam Presentation Board
wedding table

DIY Wedding Table Plan

Build Time 2 hours
Units 1 Board


  • Razor Blade
  • Glue Stick
  • Chalkboard Marker
  • Black Marker


  • Poster Board
  • 1" Wooden Circles
  • 4" Cake Boards
  • Velcro Circles
  • Cardstock


  • Determine Table Size
  • Determine Layout
  • Glue Tables & Other Stationary Locations in Place
  • Stick the Velcro
  • Label the Guests
  • Determine Seating Plan
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