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DIY Wedding Welcome Bags Timeline

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After attending a few weddings weekends I knew I needed to make diy wedding welcome bag timeline cards!  I realized at most weddings that I would get super flustered while getting ready trying to remember what time the ceremony started, when the buses where coming (was there a bus?!) and if the ceremony & reception was in the same place? I wanted to try and provide all necessary information to each guest so they wouldn’t need to go looking for it! As usual, I defaulted to Canva to lay out my design!

deckled edge paper

Step 1: Select the Size

I wanted the cards to be approx. 5×7 however I planned to do a faux deckled edge. Therefore, I started with an 8.5×11 sheet, to give myself plenty of room in the margins to play with.  

Step 2: Choose an Image

DIY Wedding Welcome Bags

I thought about using the DIY artwork I created for our stickers however I decided I wanted something a little simpler.  I searched google for an outline of the state of Maryland and started with that!  Next, I uploaded the image into my Canva document and I was ready to start adding content!

Step 3: Add Content

This is where you can really get creative.  I wanted a welcome message to our guests and mainly I was just excited to welcome them to Southern, MD!  This is a place where Andrew and I have spent so much time together and it’s just really special to us.  I recommend adding a welcome message to make sure your guests know how much you appreciate them being there.

diy wedding welcome bags

Step 4: Add the Timeline

diy wedding welcome bags

So the whole point of this card is information!! We added a small timeline to the bottom to include the welcome drinks on Friday.  The most important information of course was Saturday!  We included the time the buses left the hotel, the time & location of the ceremony and reception, and finally, the time the buses left our reception to return to the hotel.

Step 5: Create a list of local spots! (optional)

We decided to also include a list of local spots that we thought our out-of-town guests would enjoy! We didn’t want to overwhelm our guests as they really wouldn’t have a ton of time, but we did want to give recommendations for those who had never been to the area before. I included the same graphic at the top with a header of our names + the date of our wedding.  Then I listed the locations and included a note for what each location was “good for”.  This way the guests could pick a spot based on whatever sort of activity they were in the mood for! This was super quick and easy to make.

diy wedding welcome bag

With the cards made up, I was ready to print.  As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to do a faux deckled edge so stay tuned for next week and I’ll walk through how to DIY this!

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template download

DIY Wedding Welcome Bags Timeline

Build Time 2 hours


  • Canva


  • Paper
  • Ink


  • Select the Size
  • Choose an Image
  • Add Content
  • Add the Timeline
  • Create a List of Local Spots! (optional)
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