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Giant Ring Pop

When I saw this DIY Giant Ring Pop trend I knew I had to give it a try!  It’s so stinking cute and I love that it holds all the Valentine’s Day Goodies! 

giant ring pop

Step 1: Cut & Stick Velcro

I considered a number of options when trying to decide how to make the ring pop open.  I landed on adhesive velcro! Using a razor blade, I cut small pieces from the velcro strips and stuck them to the edges of the bowls. 

candy treat
giant ring pop

 I did every other wave and it holds so well! I used a precision knife to trim any pieces of velcro that overhung the bowl.

Step 2: Cut Foam Ring

Next, I cut one side of the 8” foam ring flat.  This will be the top of the ring. I used a handsaw but these are super easy to cut, you could proably get away with using a kitchen knife if needed.

giant ring pop

Step 3: Drill Holes

Using a 3/16″ Drill Bit, I drilled a hole through the bottom of one bowl, the center of the 8” cake board and the top (flat side) of the foam ring.  This is how all of the pieces are connected.

giant ring pop
giant ring pop

Step 4: Paint Foam Ring & Cake Board

I spray painted the foam ring and cake board using Rust-Oleum’s Candy Pink.  

The bottom of the cake board did not have a white coating and did not cover as well as the top.  Therefore, if you are using a cake board that doesn’t have a white coating, I recommend using a primer before spraying pink.

giant ring pop

Step 5: Assemble Ring

To assemble the ring, I used a 1 ¼” flat head screw, washers and a bolt.  I put a washer on the screw, then placed the foam ring, followed by the cake board and finally the bottom bowl.  I placed another washer on the screw and then screwed a bolt on to secure it all together.  

giant ring pop

Note: The washers ensure the screw does not sink into the foam ring or damage the plastic bowl. 

Step 6: Decorate & Add Goodies!

I decided to add beads around the cake board as I did not like seeing the edges.  Once I added these, I filled the ring pop up with all kinds of goodies! I’m personally a gummy bear girl, but I filled it up with all kinds of chocolate and valentine’s day candy! I also added a stuffed animal and some lights!


I am so pleased with how this giant ring pop turned out! It fits a ton of small gifts inside and would make as a great gift for a kid or a friend!

giant ring pop

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Giant Ring Pop Links

Since you cannot order the Dollar Store Bowls I linked a similar on Amazon, however the Amazon bowls are much smaller, so keep that in mind when ordering a foam ring + cake board, you will need to size down!   Also, I get the majority of my craft items from Joann’s and Walmart but I linked similar options on Amazon if you need to order.

sweet strawberry
Dollar Store Bowls
8" Foam Ring
giant ring pop

DIY Giant Ring Pop

Build Time 2 hours
Dry Time 3 hours


  • Drill
  • 3/16” Drill Bit
  • Hand Saw
  • Razor Blade
  • Precision Knife
  • Hot Glue Gun


  • 2 Dollar Store Pink Wave Bowls
  • 8” Cake Board
  • 8" Foam Ring
  • Velcro Strips with Adhesive
  • 1 ¼” Flat Head Screw, with bolt & washers
  • Pink Spray Paint
  • Décor


  • Cut & Stick Velcro
  • Cut Foam Ring
  • Drill Holes
  • Paint Foam Ring & Cake Board
  • Assemble Ring
  • Decorate & Add Goodies!
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