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Gingerbread Door Mat

This gingerbread door mat has to be the easiest DIY dupe I’ve ever done.. honestly it feels like cheating.  When I went into Five Below, I was hoping to find a blank door mat to paint.  A gingerbread house door mat was not what I was looking for, but it’s what I found! Given the price ($5!) I knew I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to turn this into the Anthropologie Christmas gingerbread house doormat.

gingerbread door mat

Step 1: Cut off the Excess Mat

I am honestly still shocked at how similar this coir doormat is to the original Anthropologie mat from 2019, the design of this mat is almost identical.  Anthropologie’s gingerbread doormat was $48 and I still remember wanting it, but not wanting to pay for it. The major difference of course was the Five Below dupe is not cut out.

gingerbread door mat
holiday decor

Using a pair of scissors, I cut off the top, following along the shape of the house.

welcome mat



Step 2: Touch up the Paint

After cutting the top off, I realized the edges looked a bit unfinished.  I decided to paint them for two reasons –  First, it was super difficult to cut a straight line.  Therefore, there were a few areas with brown.  I painted white over these to make the design details look seamless. Secondly, I wanted the actual edge to be white. 

gingerbread door mat
gingerbread door mat

While this wasn’t the mat I planned for, after making my Gingerbread Houses last week, I feel it fits my Christmas Décor perfectly! For $5.30, I’m pretty pleased with this dupe and love the way it looks on my front porch. 

gingerbread door mat

Gingerbread Door Mat Links

The Five Below doormat is sold out online – however they do still have it in the store! I linked a similar at Michael’s below. 

gingerbread door mat

Gingerbread Door Mat

Build Time 30 minutes


  • Scissors
  • 2" Paint Brush


  • Door Mat
  • White Paint


  • Cut off the Excess Mat
  • Touch up the Paint
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