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Halloween Garland DIY

This DIY Halloween Garland is a cute and easy Halloween décor idea.  Ever since September 1st, I have been non-stop thinking of DIY Halloween Decorations! Having very little Fall home décor, I’ve definitely been allowing myself to start building a collection.  However, I really didn’t want to end up with a ton of fall items I’d have to pack up in 2 months and store for 12 months!  Therefore, I am making my DIY Halloween Décor transitional.  

halloween garland

I want to be able to easily go from Halloween decorations to Christmas décor! For that reason, I made my garland with removable ghosts & pumpkins.  When Christmas time comes around, I’ll make new yarn decorations to hang from the actual garland!

Step 1: Make Yarn Ghosts

These yarn ghosts are just tassels! Tassels are so easy to make and you can make your tassel as big or as small as you want!

To make a yarn tassel you first have to determine how big the actual tassel needs to be. I wanted my ghosts to be 2-3 inches, so I used all 4 of my fingers.  If I wanted smaller ghosts, I would have used 2 or 3 fingers.  If you want a larger ghost, I recommend wrapping your yarn around a piece of carboard, cut to size.

diy halloween garlands
halloween thanksgiving

To start, let’s cover the basics of making a tassel.  You need to place a piece of yarn in between your thumb and your index and middle finger.  This string will hold your tassel together.  Next, you will wrap the yarn around your hand however many times you want.  For these ghosts, I wrapped the yarn 20 times.  

When you have wrapped to the size you want, slide a jump ring onto the string held by your index finger.  Then, tie the small string into a knot.  

paper garland

Next, you will cut the tassel in half.  

candy corn
construction paper

Finally, cut a second piece of yarn and wrap it around the top of your tassel. 

Halloween garland diy
halloween garland diy

Double knot it and let the remaining string fall into your tassel.  I trimmed the bottoms of my ghosts as needed.

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To dress up my ghosts a bit, I added an orange bow!

garland yarn
yarn ghost

Finally, I attached a fish hook ear wire to the jump ring and my ghosts were ready! 

Step 2: Make Yarn Pumpkins

Making yarn pumpkins is a bit more difficult! I wanted really small pumpkins, so that’s really where the struggle came in.  To make these pom poms, I first made a cardboard cut out template.  My cut out is 3/4” wide (the length doesn’t really matter, but my template is 2 1/4″ long).  Additionally, I decided to put two jump rings together for the pumpkins to make sure they didn’t hang too high.  With my template made and my jump rings ready, I started making the pom poms.  

pom pom template

First, place a piece of orange string into the center of the template, with the jump ring looped through.  Then, wrap the yarn around the cardboard template.  For my pumpkins, I wrapped the yarn 30 times.  Be sure not to wrap too tightly! 

halloween garland diy
halloween garland diy

 Once complete, pull the string around the wrapped yarn and tie it tightly! This will secure your pom pom and your jump ring!  With the string tied securely, cut along both sides of the template. Trim the pompom as needed!

halloween garland diy

I cut a brown pipe cleaner into a few small pieces and, using my hot glue gun,  glued them onto my pumpkins to give them a stem.

Finally, I attached a fish hook ear wire to the jump ring. 

halloween garland diy

Step 3: Hang the Garland

I had intended to make my own garland however I found the wooden bead garland at Walmart for $7 and it was exactly what I had in my head!  I hung my DIY Halloween Garland from my Picture Ledge. As I did not want any nail holes, I used command hooks to hang it.  My picture shelf is exactly 8 feet long.  I started by hanging the garland in the center and then looped it up on either side twice.  


Step 4: Hang the Ghosts & Pumpkins

With the garland hung, it was time to hang my pumpkins & ghosts.  I spaced them out a bit and ended up putting on 6 pumpkins and 6 ghosts.  

final garland

I absolutely love the way my pumpkin and ghost garland turned out. This quick and easy DIY would be perfect to do with kids.

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9 ft. Garland
diy halloween garland

DIY Halloween Garland

Build Time 1 hour


  • Scissors
  • Cardboard (or pompom maker)
  • Hot Glue Gun


  • Yarn white & orange
  • String orange
  • Pipe Cleaner brown
  • Jump Rings
  • Fish Hook Ear Wire
  • Garland
  • Glue Sticks
  • Command Hooks


  • Make Yarn Ghosts
  • Make Yarn Pumpkins
  • Hang the Garland
  • Hang Ghosts & Pumpkins
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