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How to Paint a Pegboard

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It doesn’t take much to brighten up a space, and a lot of the time this can be achieved with just a little bit of paint!  That was exactly my goal for the hidden pegboard in my laundry room!

I hate laundry...

Honestly, who doesn’t, I know! But seriously, laundry in a dark unfinished room in a basement is so sad! Who ever thought that was a good idea?

When we toured our now home, we loved everything! However, when we walked into the mechanical room in the basement and I saw the washer and dryer there my face sunk.  My husband saw it and knew exactly what was wrong. One of my wish list items was bedroom level laundry room. For me the only thing that makes laundry worse is dragging it down two flights of stairs to a dark dingy room. He looked at me and said we will figure something out!

I do have confidence that at some point we will figure something out, but for now we have a few home improvement items that are just higher on our list.

So while we continue to do our laundry in the basement I knew I needed to find a simple way to make it more functional and a bit brighter!

There is a corner space to the left of the washing machine – it had a plastic shelf unit that was overflowing with paint both old and new. 


...but honestly, who doesn't?

This space is tucked behind the room door when you walk into the room.  Therefore, I knew I could tuck laundry baskets into this corner!  This way, I would NOT have to have piles of laundry in front of the washer and dryer (and/or flowing out in the middle of this space).

The first thing I needed to do what to relocate the shelf unit and paint, so I recruited my husband’s help.

When I first told him my plan, my husband thought I was nuts, but then shrugged it off and said, “You somehow always seem to have an eye for space so okay!”

“You somehow always seem to have an eye for space so okay!”


With that we got started! We started by going through the paint and relocating it.

Then, behind the shelf unit was the installed peg board.  Since pegboard is this very dull, cardboard like, brown color I knew how much some paint on the pegboard would brighten up the space! 

I am sorry there are not more progress pictures of the step-by-step painting, but I did the painting while my kids were napping so I was working quickly!  Those naps are never long enough!

HOW TO PAINT PEGBOARD - A few hints & tricks

The hardest part in painting a pegboard is to be aware of the amount of paint on your roller, since there are all holes, there is an increased chance for drips.  As you paint your coats you will want to keep an eye out for them.  I had a paint brush on hand so that if I noticed any drips, I would be able to catch them quickly.

Start by painting your base color.  Ensure you are using a paint that is a paint and primer in one!  If not, you will need to first prime the pegboard.  Otherwise, it will take quite a few coats to cover the brown color; especially if you are painting the board white.  I used Behr Premium Pure White in Semi-Gloss.  Using a roller, roll the paint on the pegboard.   I painted two coats in white.

After the second basecoat dries, this is where you get to have some fun!  There are many options for what you could paint on the pegboard.  You could use a stencil and get a more intricate design or, as I did, use some painter’s tape just to add fun details in a few different colors.

I played around with a few different ideas, even going as far to begin to make my own stencil. Ultimately, I just decided to keep it simple with a few pops of color in different angled/triangle sections.  Given this is in a dark corner, this was the best choice for me.  I still want to play with a stencil, but I will save that for another project idea! 

Pulling three coordinating colors from the stockpile of paint that we had on hand, I then taped off where I thought the sections fit in and looked best.

I used three of my favorite paint colors - SW Tranquility, SW Pewter Cast, & SW Wolf Gray


Once I was happy with my layout, I painted each section.  Again, using my roller and paint pan.  I also kept a paint brush on hand to quickly catch any drips again.  I again painted two coats and peeled the painter’s tape off while the second coat was still wet. 

Peel the painter's tape off the pegboard while the paint is still wet.

At first, I was worried about the tape pulling up the white paint underneath.  I  pulled the tape up slowly and at an angle and kept an eye out for any pull off.  The tap pulled off without peeling-off of any paint!  I was prepared for touching up but was happy when I didn’t have to! Hats off to FROGTAPE; really, my favorite painter’s tape to use!


After that I stepped back and admired my freshly brightened space!  I was very happy with the end product!

wood filler

Once I stepped back and finished admiring the painted pegboard, I saw so much more potential for the space and the ideas just started flowing!  I decided I wanted to create a countertop that would go over top of the laundry baskets and then I wanted some cute laundry room décor to add into the space.  These are both future blog posts coming soon, DIY Floating Countertop and DIY Laundry Room Signs.

paint pegboard



How to Paint a Pegboard

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Prep Time 1 hour
Build Time 2 hours
Dry Time 1 day


  • Paint Rollers
  • Paint Brush
  • Painter's Tape
  • Paint Pan


  • Pegboard
  • Paint color of your choice


  • Start by painting your base color.  Paint two coats.  Hint - Ensure you are using a paint that is a paint & primer in one or use a primer before painting the base color.
  • Using painter’s tape, tape off your desired design.  
  • Choose a few coordinating colors and paint your taped off sections.  Paint two coats on each section.
  • Pull the painter’s tape off while the second coat is still wet.  Pull slowly and at an angle to best minimize any paint pull off.
  • Stand back and admire your brightened, fun pegboard! 

Interested in how my laundry corner turns out?  Be sure to follow along for new posts!

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