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How to Paint an Arch Accent Wall

Arch decor

When I decided to create a reading corner for myself I knew I wanted to add warmth.  Painting an arch accent on the wall in a warm color was the perfect solution! 

Painting an arch accent wall is an inexpensive way to create a big impact in a space. This will likely only cost you paint, everything else needed to create a wall arch you will have on hand!


  • Paint (I used Sherwin Williams Tungsten SW9515)
  • Painters Tape


  • Paint Roller
  • Paint Brush
  • Sharp Pencil
  • String/Yarn
  • Long Level (or yard stick)

Step One: Draw the Arch

To draw the arch, first start by determining the width of the base (the straight lines); then the height where the arch will start.  Using a straight edge (level or yard stick) draw the vertical lines from the floor/baseboard to your desired height. 

To connect the two straight vertical lines with the arch, measure and find the center between the two lines.  Then measure the length from the center to the edge.  Cut a piece of string, and tie the string to your pencil.  Then hold the string taut at the center with the pencil extended to the top of one vertical edge.  Now rotate the pencil from edge to edge to draw the arch.  You should have an even semi-circle to form the top of your arch!

Painted arch

Step Two: Tape the Arch

Applying painters tape will aid in minimizing the mistake of painting outside of your marked area.  I taped only the vertical sides and opted to use a small paint brush and slowly outline the arch.  You could also tape of the arch but this will likely take several (many) small pieces of tape.  

Step Three: Paint the Arch

Depending on how you decided to tape, first using a small paint brush (I used a 3/4″ wide brush) paint the top of the arch following the pencil line.  You may have to do several slow coats to ensure full coverage.  I painted two coats with the 3/4″ brush to trace the top of my arch. 

Once the top of the arch is completed, then use a mini roller to roll the remaining larger part of the arch.  I applied two coats to fully cover.  Remove the tape after your second coat, while the paint is still wet. 

Step Four: Touch up

Using a small paint brush touch up any paint bleed that may have gone under the tape or that went over the arch line. 

how to paint a arch

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how to paint a arch

How to Paint an Arch Accent Wall

Prep Time 1 hour
Build Time 4 hours
Dry Time 4 hours


  • Paint Brush
  • Paint Roller
  • Pencil
  • String
  • Level (or yard stick)


  • Paint
  • Painters Tape


  • Draw the arch.
  • Tape the arch.
  • Paint the arch.
  • Touch ups.

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