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How to Remove Chalkboard Paint Wall

Fall '22 One Room Challenge - Week 2

Before reading all about How to Remove Chalkboard Paint, be sure to check out our ORC Week 1 post for our design and inspiration plan!  As well as the other participates!

How to Remove Chalkboard Paint

This week in the ORC, where we are working to update our kids’ playroom, it was all things demo!

However, with demo week also comes some necessary prep for all the new things coming to this room.  

We removed carpet and the carpet tack strips; next we filled holes in the wall; then we reached quite a surprise when it came to prepping our wall to paint over a small chalkboard wall we had previously created. 

After this experience, I will NEVER paint chalkboard paint directly on my walls again.  That’s not to say I won’t use chalkboard paint again – but I will likely use it to paint on wooden panels that can be easily removed from the wall and moved around as I see fit in our spaces!  Now onto the saga of how to remove chalkboard paint! 

Step 1: Sand the Chalkboard Wall

The initial step in prepping a chalkboard wall to be painted over is to sand the wall.  This paint has a rough texture, so sanding will smooth that texture. 

This was the step that had me saying I would never paint another chalkboard wall!

I used my palm sander (could could use a sanding block but I honestly don’t think my arm would have lasted!) and started with 180-grit sand paper as recommended by the paint manufacturer.  I went over the entire chalkboard wall to smooth the finish.  Once the texture was mostly smooth, I then change to a 220-grit sand paper and went over the wall once more.  BE SURE TO WEAR A MASK FOR THIS STEP!


The sanding itself was not difficult, but the dust output that completely covered me and the entire room was quite surprising.  It took me nearly a day and a half to fully clean up all the dust – and clean up not only included vacuuming floors but also vacuuming, dusting, and washing all the walls and doors in the space. 

paint remover
getting rid

Step 2: Clean Sanded Wall Thoroughly

How to remove chalkboard paint

Once all the dust was fully cleaned up in the space, I made sure to thoroughly clean the chalkboard wall itself.  I had already vacuumed and wiped down the walls as I cleaned the entire room but then I went over this space an additional time using denatured alcohol and a rag.  I made sure to go over the space a few more time scrubbing a bit harder than I did on other walls in the room. 

Step 3: Paint Primer

With the wall thoroughly cleaned I could finally break out a paint brush and roller!  At this point I was ecstatic about that!  I used Zinsser Bull Eye 1-2-3 Primer.  I painted 3 coats of primer, allowing 1 hour dry time between coats.

Once the last coat was dry my walls were ready for paint!

remove chalk paint

Other Demo

The chalkboard wall prep was the most difficult and notable part of this room’s demo process.  But in addition to this prep I also completed some additional demo and prep work.

Removing Carpet: To remove the old carpet I used a utility knife and cut the carpet into about 3-4 foot sections.  Then I rolled the carpet up.  The smaller sections would make it easier to carry and dispose of.  Once the carpet was rolled up then cut the underlayment into sections and also just rolled that up.

Removing Tack Strips: To remove the carpet tack strips I went around the room with a hammer and small pry bar.  I would place the pry bar close to the nails that went into the floor and hammer it under the tack strip until it popped up. 

Filling Hole in Walls: To fill in holes in my walls I used a putty knife and wiped a spackling over any holes.  Then I let the spackling dry and once dry I used my sanding block to smooth any excess. 

How to remove chalkboard paint
How to remove chalkboard paint
How to remove chalkboard paint

Be sure to check out our ORC Week 1 post for our design and inspiration plan!  As well as the other participants!

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