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How to Rescreen a Door

Learning how to rescreen a door seems more complicated than it is! Follow the below four steps  When the old screen from our screen door blew out this past winter, I was able to easily repair it following the four steps below! 

how to rescreen a door

Step 1: Spline Size

Determining the spline size you need is crucial to ensuring your screen holds in place and you aren’t having to replace it a few months (or even weeks) later! 

There are a few ways to determine spline size.  The easiest way is if you have the old spline – just take that to the store with you and match the diameter that way! 

If you don’t have the old spline, then you’ll need to measure the groove. You can measure the groove with a measuring tape for an exact inches measurement (my door frame has a 5/32″ groove). 

how to rescreen a door

Alternatively, you can use coins to gauge the exact size! This can be easier than trying to read the small tick marks on a measuring tape. 

All screen doors are not created equal, so make sure you measure!  If you need help sizing, use our guide below! 

how to rescreen

Step 2: Cut Screen

Using a utility knife, cut a piece of the new screen that is larger than the window.  During Step #3, the screen will shift a bit and you don’t want to end up short! 

how to rescreen a door

Step 3: Install New Screen

Now it’s time to install the screen.  First, this is easier if you are able to remove the door or window and place it flat on a table or the floor.  However, if like me, you are doing this with the door upright, then you’ll need to hold the screen in place.  I used painter’s tape to keep it attached to the door. Once you have one corner in place, things get a lot easier! 

how to rescreen a door

Use the spine roller to push the spline into the groove.  As you work around the frame,  hold the excess screen tight.  This will ensure the screen material is tight once you finish pushing the spline into place.  

Step 4: Cut Excess Screen

With the spline in place, use a razor blade to cut any excess screen off the sides.  Remove the painter’s tape and you are done! 

utility knife

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Rescreening Tools & Material Links

how to rescreen a door

How to Rescreen a Door

Build Time 29 minutes


  • Utility Knife
  • Spline Roller


  • Spline
  • Screen
  • Painter’s Tape (optional)


  • Determine Spline Size
  • Cut Screen
  • Install New Screen
  • Cut Excess Screen
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