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Playroom ORC Update: What's to Come & Kids Crafts that make the Best Home Décor

Fall '22 One Room Challenge - Week 8: What's to Come & Kids' Craft Decor

Before reading all about Kids Crafts Decor, be sure to check out our ORC Week 7 post on our DIY Magnetic Chalkboard!  As well as the other participants who are working to complete their own ORC!

I can’t believe its Week 8!  Unfortunately, for us we do not have a completed room.  I am disappointed I didn’t completely finish but I am so happy with my progress and proud of how far the room has come!  

The ORC kept me motivated and who knows, I may still be just talking about how much I hate the carpet if I wasn’t a part of this challenge.

I can’t wait to keep working on completing our playroom!  I am so proud of how far we have come with this room, its hard to believe this is the same room!  

This week we are sharing what is upcoming for this room, the projects that I will keep working to complete.  As well as some of the kids crafts that make the best home décor, especially in a playroom!

What's to Come (To-Do List)

We still have quite a few to-dos on our list until the playroom is complete; only a few larger projects and then several smaller finishing touches. 

We need to do the epoxy finish on both the desk top as well as the counter top for the cabinets. 

Once the counter top is completed and installed then we will build out the bookshelves on top of the cabinets to give us the full wall to wall, floor to ceiling built-in look. 

We also have some smaller projects to tackle.  Although I call these smaller projects they have proved to be just a difficult for me!  I need to settle on hardware for my cabinets & drawers.  I also need to find the perfect drawer units to place under my floating desk and then last, but not least, I need to work through how to best organize my kids toys in the cabinets and on the bookshelves! 

So, a lot more to come and share on our playroom! 

Kids Crafts that Make the Best Home Décor

When I started this room I knew I wanted to spend sometime with my boys making some fun crafts that would become part of the room décor.  So even though the actual renovation has slowed my ideas have not! The boys and I have been spending sometime making a few great crafts that I can’t wait to place into the room when its complete!  We have had so much fun crafting together over the past few weeks and each of these projects make the best kids crafts décor, especially for a playroom!

Decorated Paper Mache Letters

The first craft we took on was these painted and decorated paper mache letters.  I decided to use some small wooden letters and glue their full names to the front of the paper mache letters.  With the names glued on, I handed the letters over to the artists! 

I had grabbed a few different colors of paint for them.  I put small amounts on a paper plate and let them paint however they wanted!  They had a lot of fun painting the letters.  

Once the paint had dried, I surprised them with some pompoms, and pipe cleaners.  They were even more excited to keep decorating.  I used a hot glue gun and had them show me where they wanted to place their decorations and we glued them on! 

I cannot wait to set these up on my bookshelves (once built!).  Check out our full how to post here!

Kid Painted Pillows (Mom Sewn)

I knew I wanted a couple throw pillows for our playroom.  I thought they would be nice to have to toss on our Nugget Couch or in the desk chairs.  Well instead of buying something of the shelf, I turned it into a DIY and I am absolutely in love!  

To make the pillows I used a white cotton canvas for the front and found a patterned cotton canvas to be the backside.  

pillow covers

I cut the white canvas fabric to size, laid out some plastic drop cloth and pulled out some puffy fabric paint.  

I taped the fabric to some cardboard then let the kids designed their pillows!

Once fully dried, I sewed the pillow front to the patterned canvas.  Let the boys stuff it full with a poly fill and now we get to enjoy them on their Nugget Couch.  The boys are so proud of their pillows!

Check out our full how to post here!

Handprint Painting

I have to admit this one was definitely for MOM!  I just feel like you can never go wrong with using the kiddos hands for projects and art.  They just kept growing so I love to make different projects with their handprints.  

For this one I grabbed a large poster board and cut it in half.  Gave each of my kids a part and started with one color at a time just helping them slightly to press their hands into the paint and then onto the poster board.  

Once the painting was dried I added words across the two pieces of poster board to make two coordinating pieces.  I choose the phrase “Please excuse the mess, we are making memories!”.  I love this message, especially for in a playroom! 

Then I used a few 1 x 2 fuming boards to create a simple frame for each piece.  

I can’t wait to keep working on completing our playroom!  I am so proud of how far we have come with this room, its hard to believe this is the same room!  Even though it is not yet complete I have had so much fun and still look to just be in the space with my kids now! 

Remember to keep checking back for all the updates!  We will be sharing step by step for each of these projects to include the kid’s craft décor we made! 


*Disclosure: We only recommend products that we regularly use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own.  We shop for the best prices and share those with you!

Joann: Fab Lab 12'' Letter Paper Mache
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