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DIY Mini Yarn Hats

Making Mini Yarn Hats is such an easy DIY!  These little hats take just a few minutes to make and are perfect Christmas Décor items!  I made green and white mini yarn hats using Fisherman and Grass Wool Yarn.  I had this yarn left over from making my DIY Tassel Christmas Trees, so this DIY didn’t cost me a thing!

diy yarn hats

Step 1: Cut Cardboard Ring

First, cut a ½ inch ring from an empty toilet paper roll.  You could also use a paper towel roll, really any cardboard tube will do!

mini yarn hats

Step 2: Cut & Loop strings around the roll

The size of your string will dictate the size of the hat! This doesn’t have to be perfect as you will trim these strings in Step 6.  I used 14 inch strings and looped approximately 14 pieces around my roll. 

mini yarn hats
diy christmas ornaments
min yarn hats
mini yarn hats

TIP: Make sure you loop your strings in the same direction, ensuring the long pieces are in the back.  This matters when you pull the strings through the roll.

Step 3: Pull strings through the roll

Pull each string through the roll.  This will given the beanie the tucked in edge.

mini yarn hats

Step 4: Tie strings

Using a new piece of string, tie all the pieces of yarn on the roll together, towards the end. Allow at least ½ – ¾ inches of string on the end.  This will be trimmed in Step 6.

yarn craft

Step 5: Add Stuffing

Add stuffing to give the winter hat form!  

I linked stuffing at the bottom, but honestly I just used stuffing my dogs had pulled out of their toys.. It does not take much stuffing, these are mini after all! 

Step 6: Trim

Finally, trim the ends of the strings to resemble a pom pom and your mini yarn hats are complete!

christmas tree
diy mini yarn hats

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Mini Yarn Hats Links

diy yarn hats

Mini Yarn Hats

Build Time 20 minutes


  • Scissors


  • Paper towel / toilet paper roll
  • Yarn
  • Stuffing


  • Cut Cardboard Ring
  • Cut & Loop Strings around the Roll
  • Pull Strings through the Roll
  • Tie Strings
  • Add Stuffing
  • Trim
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