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Mudroom Update - ORC Week 8 Reveal

I can’t believe we made it to Week 8 of the Spring 2024 One Room Challenge!  This has been such a fun rewarding exhausting experience!

It’s safe to say we have put this mudroom on the map!  When I started this update this room felt just like a fine pass through, but now eight weeks later, this is a space everyone can appreciate as they enter our home!  Not only that we have a space where people can truly feel welcomed coming in!

Projects Completed:

  • Closet Organization
  • Bi-Fold Door Makeover
  • DIY Wooden Door Pulls
  • Color Drenching
  • Wallpaper
  • DIY Cafe Rail
  • DIY back-lit Mirror
  • Frame resizing (x8)
  • Free Digital Print Downloads
  • Rehung Magnetic Key “Hooks”

Closet Organization

Getting this closet organized was long overdue!  I think what took me so long is that I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the closet.  Initially I thought I would redesign the shelving unit in the closet to create a space to hang coats. However, after searching high & low I was able to find some AMAZING on shelf organizing drawers  shelf organizing drawers. These drawer units have been an incredible find!  They have made keeping the closet organized easy and my kids have been loving them!  They are able to easily find hats, sunglasses, or glow sticks!  Additionally, with this organization *magically* things are being put away more regularly! 

Then I discovered this Handy Pro-Go bucket Handy Pro-Go bucket!  I turned this into my traveling tool bucket.  I love it, the size is perfect and makes it easy for me to carry tools to and from my tool shed.  The size is much better for me than a larger 5 gallon bucket. 


Bi-fold Door Makeover

Making over these bi-fold doors was more than just a facelift for the doors themselves.  Bi-folding doors take up part of the doorway space into the closet.  Then the trim around the door overlaps the opening as well.  This makes a small doorway even smaller!  I wanted to be able to easily access the space inside of the closet! 

Once I took the doors and the trim down, I knew exactly what I need to do to make sure we had full access into the space.  I used hardboard to give these doors a facelift then I decided to take the panels apart and rehang with hinges to create bi-parting doors!  Check out the full post here!


DIY Wooden Door Pulls

For my doors, I knew I wanted some extra long door pulls.  As soon as I started searching for pulls I quickly realized oversized pulls came with a price tag! I knew I would be able to create a pull for much less! 

I used 5/8 inch dowel rod and copper T fittings to make my door pulls.  These pulls rounded out to be able $6 each! And I had some left over dowel for another project!

Check out the full blog post here!

Color Drenching & Wallpaper

I am calling this a partially color drenched room since I did not paint my ceiling.  I used the color SW Svelte Sage (SW 6164) in two different sheens to color drench this room.  I used a stain sheen on the walls and a semi-gloss on the garage door, closet door, and trim.  I love the color and how it looks in the room with the other accents!

Then I wallpapered the back wall and above our board and batten. I was able to fully customize this wallpaper And select the exact color combination that I wanted. I love the colors and the design of this wallpaper. 

For more details on my paint and wallpaper check out the full blog post here!


DIY Cafe Rail

I had built my board and batten wall with this ledge shelf at the top.  I loved the look but had problems finding and keeping decor up there! I decided to use a similar process to my door pulls and create a rail to go along the shelf itself.  That way I would be able to better keep pictures and decor on the shelf! 

This was an easy and inexpensive DIY!  Check out the full blog post here!

DIY Backlit Mirror

Creating this backlit mirror was not in my initial plan!  Initially I had hoped to place battery operated scones to either side of the full length mirror.  However, since the door opens against this wall I was not able to find scones that were flat enough, that I liked to hang on the wall.  I knew I still wanted to add a bit of lighting so I had to get creative! 

I just wanted a little bit of glow for when I came downstairs early in the morning to let my dogs out in the dark. When I stumbled on this light strip with a motion sensor this upped the plan! 

This was so easy! The lighting strip comes with a sticky back.  So I just lined the back of the mirror with the lights and then connected them at the center bottom to the motion sensor.  It has worked flawlessly and the glow from behind the mirror creates such and elevated look!

The last hurdle I had to get over with this lighting option was the fact that I do not have a plug in this room.  Therefore, I bought this rechargeable power pack.  The motion sensor plugs into the power pack and then the lights plug into the motion sensor.  The motion sensor limits the lights being on unnecessarily and helps to reserve the charge on the power pack. 

Room Decor

My theme, or inspiration, for this room was based on vintage bug science posters.  So I wanted to incorporate several different vintage looking bug prints.  I knew I could find free art that I could download and print and I found the best prints!   I downloaded all of my prints from Remodelaholic.  Then had them printed on canvas to give the real feel and texture of a vintage poster!  

The issue I ran into with my free downloads were that the sizes of the prints did not fit into standard frames and I didn’t want to break the bank with framing these prints.  So I ran to my nearest Thrift Store!  I grabbed a bunch of different frames in different sizes and planned to resize them!  I did my best to pick frames that were close in size to the prints and then I only had to cut them down in two corners.  I used my miter saw to cut the frames at a 45 degree angle to the size I needed.  Then I glued the corners back together.  I had planned to use a glass cutter to cut down the glass to fit in the new size of the frame; however, ended up deciding against that because it covered up the texture of the canvas and just made it look like a print.  The frames I used ranged in price from $2 – $3.50 and made framing my prints very cost efficient!

Next was selecting a rug!  I knew I wanted a washable rug for this space.  Since we get so much traffic through this room washable was a non-negotiable!  I wanted a rug that would complement the vintage prints as well as the dark wallpaper and green walls.  I found these Cyrus Rose rug from Ruggable and just fell in love with it! I think it fits the space perfectly. 

My mudroom bench is also a DIY – I made this bench a few years ago and made it to fit our space perfectly.  I wanted a narrow bench but also a long bench.  I was struggling to find something to fit so decided to DIY this one!  This is a very simple and easy bench to make.  Check out the full blog post here to make your own!

Then, the last piece of decor for this room was to get our Magnetic Key Holders hung back up!  I love these holders because you can’t hang anything but keys on them!  Without the hooks these don’t end up being a cluttered mess holding hats, glasses, or anything else!

There are so many additional reveals on the One Room Challenge BlogOne Room Challenge Blog! Go have a look and see what everyone else was able to accomplish over the last 8 weeks!

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