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One Room Challenge Halfway! Paint & Wallpaper

Can’t believe we are halfway through the Spring One Room Challenge!  For the past 4 weeks I have been working to makeover my bland mudroom.  My goal has been to create a space that is both exciting to leave as well as to return through!

For week four, I focused on the walls in the room.  This included color drenching walls and a wall paper accent. 


Still to Come:

  • Additional Lighting
  • DIY Key Holders
  • Décor: Washable rug, bug prints
  • Full Reveal

Color Drenching

Color drenching simply means painting everything the same color, to include walls, ceiling, trim, and doors.  So I refer to my space as a partially drenched room! 

I painted my walls, trim, and door all the same color but I did not paint my ceiling.  I used a satin finish on the walls and a semi-gloss on the door and trim.  There are a number of different sheen combos you could use or you could use the same sheen all over the room.  I went with the satin finish on the wall because I wanted something a bit more durable than a flat paint but with less of a shine to it then a gloss.  I used semi-gloss on the doors an trim since this is a very high traffic area.  The semi-gloss will be more durable and easy to wipe clean.

Painting a room is the easiest and cheapest DIY you can take on and create a huge impactful in a short period of time! 

But like all DIYs there are just some tools that will make the job easier!  When it comes to painting I highly recommend grabbing a few Handy Paint Products! 

I will never paint a room without the Handy Paint Tray with Tray Liners.  This tray is hands-down the best on the market.  The tray has button holes where the liner attaches into so that the liner does not move or slide around.

The other essential is the Handy Paint Cup! This cup is perfect for edging walls and trim.  The size is perfect for holding while balancing on a ladder.  And Handy covered all bases by adding the magnet inside the cup to hold your paint brush as you climb up and down your ladder! 


This was my first time using wallpaper!  And I am officially hooked! The impact it has made on my room is just so fun.  I love the pattern and colors and how I was able to create this focal point.

My wallpaper is from Peel and Paper.  Peel and Paper allows you to fully customize your wallpaper with their color customization tool.  You can select from a wide variety of color combos.  I went with the Lillian – Botanical Floral Plant & Insects wallpaper Lillian – Botanical Floral Plant & Insects wallpaper with a granite background color and a linen pattern color.   

To install peel and sitck wallpaper, you will want to make sure your walls are clean and dry.  

Then, depending on your panel width, measure one inch less than the width from the corner.  My panels are 19 inches so I measured 18 inches from the corner. 

Next, set a laser level to give you a straight line to start your panel against.  I used a laser mouse which worked perfectly for me! 

With the laser set I then installed my second panel against the straight line.  With the second panel set I went back and set the first panel. I pressed the excess edge into the corner and then used a sharp utility knife to cut the edge perfectly into the corner. 

Then continued with the remaining panels making sure to line up the edges and pattern. 

Shop my Room!

Peel & Paper Wallpaper

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