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Creating a Pet Resume for Vet Visits

Life with Bear

When Bear was diagnosed with thyroid carcinoma, I felt helpless. I was relying on Bear’s vets (all three of them) to guide me in the right direction and take the best care of Bear! I realized that one of the only ways I could be helpful at all of his vet visits was to be organized. Therefore, I created a binder to keep track of all of Bear’s medical records, eating habits, sleeping habits & more! I started writing down the questions I was repeatedly asked and created Bear’s Pet Resume, a summary of his medical history!

I brought this to every vet visit and was thanked many times by the vet technicians and the vet’s themselves! It was a small victory and I was happy to take it!

This is just one page in my (massive) binder for Bear, but it provides broad overview. Bear’s Pet Medical Resume is definitely the most used document in my binder!

Subscribe below and I’ll send you an editable version of the Pet Resume! If you find this useful let me know! I will continue to share what’s hiding in my binder :)

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