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Porch Table Flip

One Room Challenge - Week 2

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I’m kicking off Week 2 of the ORC with a Porch Table Flip ! For Week 1 of the ORC I just laid out my plan for my Screened-in Porch! It felt a little bit like cheating, but I was able to get all of my design ideas into one place.  With everything laid out I was ready to get started! 

orc spring

In our previous townhome, we didn’t have a covered outdoor area.  I had covers for my outdoor furniture but didn’t have one for the table – big mistake! The sun beating down on the table day after day resulted in the wicker completely dry rotting.  I have been meaning to do something with this table for years (yes years). So finally, with Week 2 of the ORC kicking off, I decided it was time! 

porch table flip

Step 1: Remove the Damaged Wicker

Using needle nose pliers, I removed any remaining wicker from the top of the table.  Oddly enough, the legs remained completely undamaged by the sun! I decided to leave them covered.  This way the table would still match the rest of the furniture. 


Step 2: Remove the old Staples

Removing all of the old staples took FOR-E-VER! I used a combination of needle nose pliers and a small flathead screwdriver.  I would use the screwdriver to shimmy the staple out far enough that I could grab it with the pliers. 

porch table flip
porch table flip

Step 3: Clean & Apply Bondo

After removing all of the staples, I was left with tiny little holes all around the top.  I wiped the surface down with denatured alcohol to clean it off. 

porch table flip
bondo application

Then using a plastic putty knife, I applied Bondo to fill the holes and any other imperfections on the metal! 

Bondo Tips:

  1. First, scoop out a pile of the putty.  Then squeeze a line of harder down the center.  A precise measurement isn’t necessary! Mix the two thoroughly!!
  2. Mix a small amount at a time – it hardens FAST and you will waste a lot of product if you mix too much at once. 
  3. If the consistency starts to become sand-like, quit and mix more Bondo.  This means it’s starting to harden and it will not go on as smoothly once it reaches this state.

Step 4: Sand

Bondo dries incredibly quickly and can be sanded after 15 minutes.  I sanded down the Bondo using 80-grit and my palm sander.  

porch table flip

Step 5: Paint

After sanding, you can paint immediately! I wiped my table down with denatured alcohol and then painted the table using a Rust-oleum Satin Black Spray Paint. 

porch table flip

This was SUCH an easy project to kickstart my Spring ORC!  I can’t believe I put it off for SO long & am grateful the ORC gave me the push I needed for this one! 

porch table flip
porch table flip

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