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10 Steps to start Re-selling on poshmark

If you don’t want to read the entire post, just remember to start re-selling on Poshmark, share, share and share some more!

Over the past 4 months I have had a great experience with Poshmark! I have sold 38 items, made $773.97 and have received all 5 star ratings.  Below I’m sharing the 10 steps I took to begin selling my closet on Poshmark!

Step 1 – Download the App: Getting set up on Poshmark is easy; it’s a free app you can download from the app store. You set up your username and password and viola, you’re ready to start selling! 

Step 2 – Pick out Items to Sell: Since I started reselling 4 months ago, I’ve focused on selling things in my closet that I wasn’t wearing.  However I have started to have success thrifting as well.  I’ve become fairly addicted to re-selling and have started listing anything that I haven’t worn in the past year.  

Step 3 – Photograph your items: This can really make or break if your item sells.  A plain background and good lighting is key.   I ALWAYS search the internet for a stock picture of the item.  I include photos of my own but the main picture attracts so much more attention if it’s a stock photo. Make sure you take close ups of any imperfections. The last thing you want is to have taken such good pictures, that the buyer doesn’t see the imperfection until they receive the item! You want good reviews to keep a good standing on Poshmark to keep selling! 

Step 4 – Write your ad: When writing the description for your item, include measurements and note any signs of wear or imperfections. A trick I have learned (and use ALL the time) is to search Poshmark sold items to try to find the item I am listing. If you are able to find it, you will be able to see what it sold for on Poshmark and you can actually click “list something similar”. Poshmark will start a new listing for you, with a lot of the details already filled out. You will still need to input your own description but this does save a ton of time and also assists you in Step 4, PRICING!

Step 5 – Price your items: Pricing your items can be a bit tricky. If you remember what it originally cost, that’s super helpful!  Showing the price you paid for it shows the buyer they are getting a good deal!  If you can’t remember what you paid for it, search for another user’s listing and see if they have the original price.  Whether you remember the purchase price or not,  I highly recommend searching sold items so you can get an idea of what users have paid for the item previously.  I price slightly above the previous sale price to allow some wiggle room for offers.

Step 6 – List You Item: Once you have the photographs you want, a good description and a fair price, you are ready to sell!  You can offer discounted shipping, but any discount you offer on shipping will come directly out of your profit. Lower shipping costs can draw in more buyers but don’t forget to take into account the reduction of your overall profit. 

Step 7 – Share, Share & Share Again: The best thing you can do to help make a sale on Poshmark is to share.  Share your own items and others! If you share other’s items, they will in turn, share yours. Meaning your items are getting even more shares. I found it’s super useful to share a bunch of other seller’s items just before I go to bed. Chances are, some of those sellers are on a different time zone and will end up sharing your items while you sleep!  I share my own items a minimum of three times a day. The more they are shared, the more they are seen.

Step 8 – Make a sale!: Sounds easy enough right? My favorite buyers are those who just purchase the item without any haggling.. but that’s not why most users are on Poshmark – most users want the best deal they can get!  There are a ton of ways to make a sale.  

First, you can make an offer to likers. I’ve made a few sales this way but honestly, not as many as I would have hoped. I had one item with over 20 likers, I offered a 15% discount and discounted shipping and still did not make a sale. Then on another item, I had 3 likers, I offered 10% off and no shipping discount and made a sale instantly. It all just depends on who is interested in buying your item!  

Alternatively, a buyer can make you an offer. If you don’t like the offer, you can counter. I have had mixed experiences with countering. Most of the time, in my experience, the buyer will walk. So make sure you are okay losing out on the offer they made. I don’t try and counter anymore over a few dollars. I have lost a number of sales wanting that $2-3 extra and ending up regretting it when they walked. However, if a buyer is making an offer well below what you were hoping to get, definitely counter if you will regret letting it go at that price!

In addition to making offers, some buyers will make a bundle. Having an automatic discount if a buyer bundles items is great marketing strategy.  I offer 10% off automatically if a buyer bundles 3 or more items. This influences the buyer to buy more from your closet. Even if you don’t have an automatic discount, you can still make the buyer an offer on their bundle! 

Step 9 – Packaging & Shipping: I like to package my items with care. I purchased clear bags and ‘Thank You for Your Order’ cards off Amazon. I add a little personalized note to the back of the card as well (I make sure to apologize for any dog hair!!). In total, the bag and card equate to an investment of $0.14 per item sold.

Shipping has been made easy with Poshmark and USPS. When I started out on Poshmark I thought I had to hoard all of my Amazon boxes but USPS will actually ship YOU Priority Mail Shipping Supplies FOR FREE. I have found this improves the buyer experience and leads to a better chance of getting a 5 star review after they receive their item! Of course, at the end of the day, the box is just a vehicle to deliver the item.  If they buyer isn’t happy with the item, it won’t matter what box it came in. However, when the item arrives in a new box rather than an old beat up amazon box, it makes the item feel less used.

Step 10 – Make Money:  Waiting for your earnings to hit can be a little nerve racking. I’m a people pleaser so I’m constantly worried a buyer won’t like the item. Fortunately, I have yet to had that happen to me. The buyer has three days once they have received the item to accept it. Some buyers will go into the app and click ‘accept’ and your earnings will be available. Most buyers just let the 3 days expire. 

 Poshmark’s fee on sales is $2.95 on sales under $15 and 20% on sales over $15.

It really adds up and is something to be conscious of. You are definitely paying for the convenience, exposure and accounting service. Poshmark has collected over $200 in fees over my 4 months of selling.


Ultimately, when you are trying to sell on Poshmark, it’s all about finding the right buyer at the right time.  It takes a fair bit of luck, great photos & descriptions, and a whole lot of sharing! 

If you are looking for an easy way to track your Poshmark Sales, check out my other post on Inventory & Sales Tracking

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