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Poshmark, eBay & Mercari Reseller Inventory Spreadsheet

UPDATE: This post has been updated to include Mercari & a Misc Costs Tab!

NOTE: I have created a Pro version of the Reseller Inventory Spreadsheet.  See the Pro Here!

After almost two years of selling on Poshmark, I have realized how important a Reseller Inventory Spreadsheet is!  I have also begun to feel more confident as a seller and decided to branch out to selling on eBay! If you’ve sold on eBbay before, you know the nuances of the shipping costs & how their fees are calculated, but I’ll talk more about that later! 

This is a very detailed post on how to use the inventory tracker sheet I created! To get the most out of this post, it would be best for you to first download the spreadsheet.  You can do that here

Inventory Tracker

The first tab I will walk you through is the ‘Inventory Tracker’ tab of my excel file.  Inventory management is a requirement in any reseller spreadsheet to run your business! I put in dummy data just to show how it will look and flow through. 

The first step is to fill in the top section to the left.  First, input your shop name.  The only input that impacts the actual tracker is the sales tax.  At first I wasn’t factoring this into my profit analysis and realized I should have been! Simply input the state you are purchasing your items for resale in cell C3 and this will populate the total investment column F.

When filling out the actual tracker section, input the item, where it was purchased, when it was purchased and the price paid!  The formula will automatically calculate the total plus sales tax.

The only columns that require your input are in BLUE!

After the item is input into the sheet, you can track if it’s been listed on eBay and Poshmark and if it has sold.  Once it has sold, input the Platform it sold on in Column J and the sale price into the in Column K.  

If your item sold on Poshmark, Column O will automatically calculate the Poshmark fee.  Input any shipping discount offered into Column P and Column U will automatically calculate the total payout you will receive.  Column V will calculate your profit, based on what you paid for the item.  Lastly, input the date sold into Column W to show how many days it took for you to sell your item! 

For Mercari, as of 3/27/2024, there will be $0 seller fees! The sheet has been updated to reflect this change. 

Please note, for Mercari Fees, if a listing sold after 3/27/2024, the new fee structure is used.  It’s important to note that if a listing was created prior to 3/27/2024, the listing must be updated for the new fee structure to apply.  Please be sure to update any old listings!

An important thing to note, the eBay Fee calculation assumes the standard 13.25% fee!

If your item sold on eBay, then input the Sales Tax charged to the buyer into Column N.  This is the main thing I dislike about eBay sales.  The fee the seller is charged is calculated on the total, including the sales tax the buyer pays.  To find this amount, navigate to the Order Details and look at the right hand side.  There will be a breakdown of the total, with the tax amount.  Include this amount in Column N. 

reseller spreadsheet

Next, input the Shipping Amount Charged into Column O.  This should be the amount the buyer paid.  Column P will then calculate the eBay fee.  Input the Actual Shipping Costs into Column Q.  Finally, Column R will automatically calculate the total payout you will receive.  Column S will calculate your profit, based on what you paid for the item.  Lastly, input the date sold into Column T to show how many days it took for you to sell your item! 

Offer Calculator

Once you have filled in the Inventory tab, the Offer Calculator tab can be used! I learned quickly that making and receiving offers is a big part of reselling!  I wanted to ensure when I was reviewing offers, that I understand how much profit I would receive. So, I created the Offer Calculator! 

Each item you entered on the Inventory Tab will have an item number associated with it.  To begin, input the Item Number into the top row (cell E6). 

Next, Input the Platform you are considering the offer on.  Input the Shipping Discount offered & for Mercari, input the estimated service fee. 

Then, input the Offer Amount.  Lastly, for eBay offers, input the state the buyer is located in.  

eBay uses Sales Tax in their fee calculations.  For that reason, the Offer Calculator is only able to calculate an estimate.  It assumes a standard sales tax based on the buyer’s state whereas eBay calculates based on specific regions. So far, I have only had it be off a few cents, so it still does the job!  

For more details on how eBay fees are calculated, go here

Misc Cost

I have had a number of requests for ways to track misc. business expenses.  I created this simple tab where you can input Misc. Business Expenses. 

This tab will auto calculate total Misc. Costs, total Misc. Costs in Prior Year and total Misc. Costs in the current fiscal year. 

Sales Analysis

I also created a ‘Sales Analysis’ tab to keep track of my overall expenses and profits. The data in this tab populates from the Inventory Tracker tab, so you won’t need to update anything. 

I have created a FULL version of the Reseller Inventory Spreadsheet that you can download using below! I created four reseller template options. a Poshmark only version , a Poshmark + Mecari version, and two Poshmark + eBay versions. If you have any questions on the spreadsheet, how to use it, or would like to see any changes in it, just leave a comment below! 

If you’re looking for tips on how to start selling on Poshmark, check out this Post

NOTE: We previously offered the Reseller Spreadsheets for free.  They were so popular, we exceeded the limit for free downloads.  Our hosting service is now charging us for the downloads, so unfortunately we can no longer offer them for free. We chose the minimum amount allowed, which is $5. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

If you are looking for more detailed analysis and tracking for your sales data, check out the Pro version here!

Poshmark, Mercari + eBay Reseller Inventory Spreadsheet

Note: This spreadsheet assumes 13.25% fee!

Poshmark, Mercari + eBay Reseller Spreadsheet (for Basic/Above)*

Note: This spreadsheet assumes 12.35% fee!

*eBay fees are depends on a number of factors.  Most hobby resellers are charged a 13.25% fee (increased from 12.9% on February 15th, 2023).  However, sellers with Basic or Above Store Subscriptions are charged 12.35%.  Refer to this link for more details on eBay fees! 

Poshmark + Mercari Reseller Inventory Spreadsheet

Poshmark Reseller Inventory Spreadsheet

reseller inventory
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21 thoughts on “Reseller Inventory Spreadsheet”

  1. Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Atascocita Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic job!

  2. Hi there, I’m trying to download one of the templates. I put my email in but when I click “download”, it just takes me to a page saying “thanks for joining the crew” but nothing actually downloads 🙁

  3. I don’t know if the people who made this still keep up with this spreadsheet, but I feel like it’s super off with profits from an item. I should be profiting around $13, but it says $18. Anyone know what’s happening?

    1. Hi Taylor! We do keep up with the spreadsheet – why don’t you send it to our email ( and we can help you out. Thanks!

  4. Hello,
    I am selling on Mercari only right now but the spreadsheets don’t calculate and subtract the seller fees for Mercari, am I doing something wrong?

  5. Hello,

    Thank you for sharing the inventory spreadsheet, it’s been a great tool!

    Recently Poshmark changed their shipping rates to $7.97 which also changes the shipping discount. Can you update the spreadsheet to reflect those changes? Also, Is it possible to have a column for listed date as well as purchase date because most times my purchase date is not the same day I list an item. The ” Days to Sell” column isn’t accurate in my case. For example I purchased an item on January 29th but I did not list it until February 13th and it sold the same day within a few minutes. However, calculating from the purchase date would be 16 days but it really sold same day. Or maybe the purchase date is more for tax purposes?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hey! Give us an email at – if you don’t mind sending your sheet to us we can make those changes for you! We are planning to publish a post walking through how to update the fees / rates since they seem to be forever changing! But in the meantime, happy to make those updates directly in your sheet!

  6. Hello!
    Appreciate the work you put into this spreadsheet. Thank you! I have the ebay, posh/mercari spreadsheet and the sales analysis page is not calculating correctly, specifically for ebay and the total cost of purchases cell. I just started entering info and I can already see an issue. It has me at $43.31 an the actual total entered so far is $320.49. The spreadsheet is protected, so I cannot do any trouble shooting. Any suggestions?
    Also, I may have an old version as the ebay fee was formulated at 12.9%, but I was able to change that easily. I just downloaded this last month.


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