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Reseller Spreadsheet - Pro

After spending the last year using my reseller spreadsheet, I decided for 2023 I wanted some updates! It’s taken me a few months to get here, but I finally have what I will call the Pro Version of the Reseller Spreadsheet! 

CY Sales Analysis

While the old version still works and is still effective in tracking reselling, the analytics in this spreadsheet are much more granular.  

I want to stress that fee rates are constantly changing – the spreadsheets are updates frequently to reflect new fee structures.  If you purchase either the Standard or the Pro version of our Reseller Spreadsheet and fees change, we will publish a post detailing how to update the fees.  Additionally, if you do not want to mess with updating formulas, you can overwrite the formula and manually type in the fee. 

This post will walk you through how to fill out the Reseller Pro Spreadsheet! 

Inventory Tracker Tab

The Inventory Tracker tab is where you will spend most of your time! The amount of columns will depend on which version you purchase.  Here I am showing the “Master” version which is made for Poshmark, eBay, Mercari & Other.  

Only edit the columns in PINK! First, input you Shop Name & your State Sales Tax in cells C1 & C2.  Input the Item Name, Purchased From, Date Listed, and Purchase Price.  Column G will automatically calculate the total investment cost (purchase price + sales tax).  

inventory tracker

Next, for “Listed?” input “Y” if you have listed the item on all platforms.  I utilize this tool to track if I have purchased an item but not listed it.  

For column I, input “Y” if sold.  Otherwise, leave blank. In column J, input the Platform the item was sold on.  Finally, in column K input the Sale Price. 

For Poshmark, the fees will automatically calculate! 

For Mercari, starting on 3/27/2024, there will be $0 in fees for sellers!  

If you input “Other” you can manually type the fees into column O.  (you will overwrite the formula but that is okay!).

Please note, for Mercari Fees, if a listing sold after 3/27/2024, the new fee structure is used.  It’s important to note that if a listing was created prior to 3/27/2024, the listing must be updated for the new fee structure to apply.  Please be sure to update any old listings!

reseller spreadsheet

eBay fees are a bit more complicated – 

The fee the seller is charged is calculated on the total, including the sales tax the buyer pays.  To find this amount, navigate to the Order Details and look at the right hand side.  There will be a breakdown of the total, with the tax amount.  Manually input the Sales Tax the buyer is paying & the shipping charged. 

If the shipping charged differs from the actual shipping costs, input actual shipping in column T. Finally input Date sold in column W. 

ebay fees

Offer Calculator

Once you have filled in the Inventory tab, the Offer Calculator tab can be used! I learned quickly that making and receiving offers is a big part of reselling!  I wanted to ensure when I was reviewing offers, that I understand how much profit I would receive. So, I created the Offer Calculator! 

This tab has two calculators side by side, in order to compare platforms & offers! For example, sometimes a higher offer with a shipping discount actually results in a lower profit.  This tab will show you that! 

Each item you entered on the Inventory Tab will have an item number associated with it.  To begin, input the Item Number into the top row (cell E6). 

Next, Input the Platform you are considering the offer on.  Input the Shipping Discount offered and if Mercari, input the Estimated Service Fee. 

Then, input the Offer Amount.  Lastly, for eBay + Mercari offers, input the state the buyer is located in.  

eBay and Mercari use Sales Tax in their fee calculations.  For that reason, the Offer Calculator is only able to calculate an estimate.  It assumes a standard sales tax based on the buyer’s state whereas eBay & Mercari calculate based on specific regions. So far, I have only had it be off a few cents, so it still does the job!  

  For more details on how eBay fees are calculated, go here

Current Year / Prior Year Sales Analysis

The good news for these tabs? They automatically calculate based on inputs from the Inventory Tracker Tab!  Both tabs show the same data, one for the current year and one for the prior year. 

CY Sales Analysis

These tabs will automatically update as the year changes.  For example – On 12/31/2023, the “CY” tab will have all 2023 data and the “PY” tab will have all 2022 data.  On 01/01/2024, the tabs will automatically change, so “CY” will have 2024 data and “PY” will have 2023 data.  

If you are like me, and have to keep all of the data for tax purposes, the PY tab will be your best friend ! 

Platform Sales Analysis

This tab is not included on the Poshmark ONLY spreadsheet.  It is included in all others and shows a comparison for  current year sales across the platforms.  This tab is automatically populated and like the CY/PY Sales Analysis tab, will automatically change years to show the current fiscal year data. 

platform comparison

Misc. Costs

I have had a number of requests for ways to track misc. business expenses.  I created this simple tab where you can input Misc. Business Expenses. 

This tab will auto calculate total Misc. Costs, total Misc. Costs in Prior Year and total Misc. Costs in the current fiscal year. 

misc costs

If you’re looking for a more basic spreadsheet, check out our original reseller spreadsheet here!

If you’re looking for tips on how to start selling on Poshmark, check out this Post

Please note all spreadsheets offer up to 600 line items.  We are working on an updated version with to increase this count.

Poshmark, Mercari + eBay Reseller Inventory Spreadsheet

Poshmark, Mercari + eBay Reseller Spreadsheet (for Basic/Above)*

*eBay fees are depends on a number of factors.  Most hobby resellers are charged a 13.25% fee (increased from 12.9% on February 15th, 2023).  However, sellers with Basic or Above Store Subscriptions are charged 12.35%.  Refer to this link for more details on eBay fees! 

Poshmark + Mercari Reseller Inventory Spreadsheet

Poshmark Reseller Inventory Spreadsheet

eBay + Facebook Reseller Inventory Spreadsheet

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6 thoughts on “Reseller Spreadsheet – Pro”

  1. I’m looking for a spreadsheet to keep track of inventory, sales and taxes for reselling on eBay and Facebook Marketplace. On the Pro version, would I be able to use the “Other” tab for FBM? Thank you!

    1. Hi! The “Other” is definitely meant to be a “catch all” for any other platforms needed – however I decided to take a shot at making an eBay + Facebook spreadsheet! I added it to the options for purchase (no pressure for you to do so at all!).

      I have never sold on Facebook myself so I created the formulas based on what I could find through google 🙂 If you do decide to try it out and have any issues at all, you can definitely email me ( and I’ll make sure I get it right!

      Thank you & good luck reselling 🙂

    1. Yes! You just wouldn’t fill out the eBay section until you expand sales to there! Also, if you wanted to try the Posh / Mercari Only version for now and decide to expand later, you can send us an email ( and I will send you the version with eBay.. only issue here is you’d then have to transfer data over which can be a bit annoying 🙂

  2. Recently purchased the Reseller Spreadsheet Pro as I was very unhappy with GingerMarvins spreadsheet support.
    I am not using Excel but have installed into Google Sheets and Libre Office. I am experiencing lost cells and cells that are not populating. Some cells do not match up with what you have shown in your tutorial.
    Can we start a dialog so I can give you more exact information?
    Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

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