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DIY Simple Valentine's Day Centerpiece

diy valentine day table decor

This Simple Valentine’s Day Centerpiece is such a fun way to create a beautiful centerpiece for any occasion or holiday! 

I used a trifle bowl but all you really need to create this centerpiece is a larger vase or bowl with a smaller vase or bowl. 

Step One: Set Vases Together

It’s best to start by placing your smaller vase inside of your larger vase.  For my smaller vase I am using an empty planter pot that I had on hand!  You can use almost anything for the smaller vase, from a drinking glass to small vase, mason jar, or a bowl.  Just find what fits best and what will hold your flowers the way you want it to! 

Simple Valentine's Day Centerpiece

Step Two: Add Filler in between Vases

Simple Valentine's Day Centerpiece

This, in my opinion, if my favorite step!  You can just play with so many different options and a mix of options.  

For this Valentine’s Day décor centerpiece, I used some crinkle paper that I had and these adorable stuffed felt hearts that I stumble on while at the craft store. 

Other options for fillers can be really anything; candies (M&Ms, or Conversation Hearts), pompoms, shredded crinkle paper, Easter grass, petals.  I think a combo of DIY wooden love letters and some pompoms would be a great Valentine’s Day option as well! 

Simple Valentine's Day Centerpiece

Step Three: Add Flowers into the Middle

Now that you have all your filler set, add water to your center vase and then arrange your flowers.  When using a trifle bowl, you will want to cut your flower stems fairly short.  My stems are about 6 – 6 1/2 inches long.

For most of my centerpiece arrangements I will just use water in a vase for the flowers, but to better hold flowers you can also use a floral wet foam block.  

Simple Valentine's Day Centerpiece
Simple Valentine's Day Centerpiece

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Simple Valentine's Day Centerpiece

Prep Time 15 minutes
Build Time 20 minutes


  • 1 Trifle Bowl
  • 1 Small Vase


  • 4 boxes Stuffed Felt Hearts
  • 1 bag Crinkle Paper Shreds
  • 1 bouquet Flower Bouquet


  • Set small vase inside large vase/bowl
  • Add decorative filler in between two vases.
  • Add flowers to center vase.
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