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How to Update for New Mercari Fees (4.17.2023)

ICYMI – Mercari is updating their fee structure.  Historically, Mercari did not charge it’s fees on the shipping cost of the item.  Starting on April 17, 2023, Mercari will begin charging it’s payment processing fee on the sales price + shipping costs.  For more details, check out Mercari’s notice here

Below I have step by step guides on updating your spreadsheet! I have also included video tutorials below

Step 1: Add column & reformat

Based on the previous fee structure, the spreadsheet did not require shipping costs to be input.  Unfortunately with this change, you will need to input shipping costs for Mercari.  To be able to do that, we need to add in a column. 

Step 2: Update Formula

The formula needs to be updated to read the date the item was sold.  The below formulas will read the date sold and calculate the fee based on that! This way, anything sold after April 17, will include the shipping cost in the fee calculation. 

Master Sheet Formula (Posh/Mercari/eBay):


Posh/Mercari ONLY Formula:


Update Offer Calculator Tab

Master Sheet Formula (Posh/Mercari/eBay):

First, update the name for “Shipping Buyer will Pay (eBay)” to “Shipping Buyer will Pay (eBay + Mercari)”.  Next, update Total Fee formula to include the shipping costs as shown below. 

Formula update

Posh/Mercari Offer Tab Only:

First, add row for “Shipping Buyer will Pay (Mercari)”.  Then update the Fee Formula to include the shipping cost as shown below. 

adding row

Master Updates (Posh/Mercari/eBay):

Poshmark / Mercari ONLY Updates (Posh/Mercari):

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