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How to Update Your Reseller Tracker

When I first made the Reseller Tracker, I didn’t think about the need for the dates to change! The updated reseller tracker will now automatically update the dates.  In case you don’t want to transfer your data over, below will walk you through how to manually update the dates. 

Step 1: Unlock the Spreadsheet

First, you will need to unlock the spreadsheet.  Navigate to the top ribbon and select “Review”.  Then, select “Unprotect Sheet”.  Input ‘7568’ and click Enter. 

Step 2: Update the Dates

With the file unlocked, select the cell with the table title in it.  

Next, select the cell next to ‘January’.  Within the formula you will see the dates used for the data parameters.  Change ‘2022’ to 2023’ for both dates in the formula.  

Here, the first date has been updated but the second still needs to be changed!

Repeat all the way through December! (Note: For December, the second date will be ‘2024’)

Once those dates are updated, you should be ready to roll for 2023!

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