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DIY Wine Tasting Party at Home

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Last year, Andrew threw me a surprise wine tasting party at home for my 30th birthday! COVID infection rates were high, so he wanted to do something that people would be comfortable with.  Since Omicron seems to be forcing people to stay at home more again, I’m going to share how he threw me a DIY wine tasting party at home.

Wine Tasting at Home

My dad has his shop in a large garage, so Andrew was able to host our home wine tasting there! He has three large work tables, which Andrew used as our different winery ‘stops’. 

Throwing a DIY Wine Tasting Party is pretty simple.  To start, he put Table Cards on each ‘location’ to show where the wine was from! Then each table was fully equipped with that brand of wine bottles and lots of wine glasses. 

wine serve
wine tasting

Next, Andrew went to each wineries website and pulled facts from their page for the different wines he had purchased for the tables! This way, he could guide everyone through each wine we tasted. He also purchased Wine Tasting Sheets from Etsy to give everyone the opportunity to rate the wines!  

We did have a few spit buckets handy, because what kind of wine tastings would these be without one?

Any good wine party calls for an even better charcuterie board.  We had two cheese boards placed at each ‘location’.  In addition to the charcuterie boards, we had a few dishes with nuts, fruit and candies, to offer a bit more food to the guests.  Andrew even went as far as to have wine pairing recommendations for the different cheese varieties! 

wine tasting party at home

To keep everyone engaged, Andrew created a few Wine Trivia Games with prizes for the winners! The prize was one bottle of wine from that locations traveling vineyard and despite the fact that there was enough white and red wines to go around, we all felt the need to win! 

Our home wine party was so fun and easy to do. We may have lost a wine glass (or two) and there may have been a few red wine stains, but we all had a blast taste testing!  Fill out the form below and we will email you the table cards, winery facts and trivia game so that you can throw your own wine tasting party! 


pinot noir

DIY Wine Tasting Party at Home

Prep Time 3 hours


  • Long Tables


  • Wine Glasses
  • Table Cards
  • Winery Facts
  • Wine Trivia Game
  • Charcuterie Board
  • Wine
  • Candies/nuts
  • Wine Tasting Sheet


  • Pick your wineries and purchase wine!
  • Print out Table Cards.
  • Research & Print out Wine Facts.
  • Print out Wine Tasting Sheets.
  • Print Wine Trivia Games.
  • Make charcuterie boards.
  • Set up your tables.  This can be as elaborate or as minimal as you want! Just make sure you have different ‘stations’ for each winery!
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