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DIY Wooden Gingerbread House

This is a simple DIY on how to make a wooden gingerbread house.  When I made my Halloween Garland, I knew I wanted it to be able to transition from Halloween to Christmas décor! So I made my mini pumpkins & ghosts removable by utilizing fishhooks!

wooden gingerbread house

Since I used yarn to create my Halloween décor, I decided to go a different direction for Christmas.  I went with wood! These DIY mini–Gingerbread Houses were so fun to make. I made them to hang on my garland but they would also work great as stand alone holiday décor!

Step 1: Make the Stencil

I decided to do Wooden Gingerbread Houses. I found a couple of different versions of houses and printed out my stencil. 

Step 2: Cut out Shapes

Using the stencils, I traced the design onto 1/2″ Popular Board. Then utilizing a Jigsaw, I cut out each wooden house.

wooden gingerbread house

Step 3: Drill Holes (optional – if planning to hang)

Using a Drill Press and a 11/64 drill bit, drill holes into each house.  I drilled directly through each house.  Then, utilizing a 5/16 drill bit, I made the indent at the bottom bigger.  Since I planned to tie string through the houses, I want to be able to hide the knot!

wooden gingerbread house

Note: The Clock Tower house was too skinny at the top to drill the hole through.  Therefore, I did a hole straight across for this one.

wooden gingerbread house
wooden gingerbread house

Step 4: Decorate

This is where my Gingerbread houses really started to take form! I used white paint and a small paint brush and began adding the details.  I googled gingerbread houses and found inspiration in different designs.  

wooden gingerbread house

If you don’t know where to start, just add snowflakes and hearts and you cannot go wrong!

Step 5: Apply Finish

wood gingerbread

After allowing the paint to dry, I applied one coat of Poly on top to seal the wood.

Step 6: Add the Strings (optional – if planning to hang)

Next, I cut my string to size and tied it on.  I created a loop at the top of the houses and tied a large knot at the bottom.

TIP: I was struggling to get the string through the holes, so I used a small crochet hook to pull it through!

diy wood

Step 7: Attach Hooks (optional – if planning to hang)

I attached the Jump rings onto the string and then attached earning fishhooks.  With my houses hanging, they were garland ready!

wooden gingerbread house

Step 8: Hang on Garland (optional – if planning to hang)

I plucked the ghosts & pumpkins off and added my mini houses!  These DIY Gingerbread Houses could also be used as ornaments for a Christmas Tree or as stand alone Christmas decorations!

wooden gingerbread house

Wooden Gingerbread House Links

wooden gingerbread house

Wooden Gingerbread House

Build Time 4 hours
Dry Time 8 hours


  • Jigsaw
  • Drill Press
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors


  • 1/2" Poplar Board
  • 11/64 Drill Bit
  • 5/16 Drill Bit
  • White Paint
  • String/Yarn (white) (optional)
  • Jump Rings (optional)
  • Fish Hook Ear Wire (optional)
  • Garland (optional)


  • Make the Stencil
  • Cutout Shapes
  • Drill Holes (optional – if planning to hang)
  • Decorate
  • Apply Finish
  • Attach String (optional – if planning to hang)
  • Attach Hooks (optional – if planning to hang)
  • Hang on Garland (optional – if planning to hang)
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