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Wooden House Shape Key Hooks

These adorable little wooden house shape key hooks were born simply because we had an abundance of scrap boards from our larger pantry/mudroom project.  There were a few projects I knew I could use the scrap board for and a key holder in our mudroom was top of the list!  I started searching for some inspiration and kept gravitating to the wooden house shaped holders. 

I sketched out roughly what house shapes I was hoping for, knowing very well that I did not want any amount of perfection!

In fact, I really aimed to make the houses difference heights, widths, and with off centered roof pitches.  I didn’t even know what would fit on the wall where I planned on putting these little guys, but I just went for it. 

view, stars

I grabbed a small scrap of the leftover particle board, my little drawing and headed to my miter saw.  Again, perfection was not what I was going for, so that made this project relatively easy!

I cut four boards to the width that I wanted (listed in the sketch drawing) and at a length of 12”.  This length gave me plenty of play in deciding the different heights that I want. 

laser cut

With the wood cutouts already cut to my desired widths, I then used a pencil and straight edge to draw on the roof pitches.  I started by placing a single dot where I wanted the point and then used my straight edge to draw a line from either side to the dot.  Once I had my lines, I then used my jig saw to cut out the roof lines. 

After cutting the roof lines, I grabbed my palm sander and gave the edges a light sand.  I rounded off the corners a bit as well – I was not liking the harsh points at the corner of each wood house. 

Here's what I ended up with!


Next, I wiped down the wood with denatured alcohol and grab some paint.  I used paint that I already had on hand!  Each of these colors is either in my house now or was in my house at one point.  Personally, I think they coordinate perfectly together – but of course I am a little bias! Once the paint had dried, I used a small paint brush and a little bit of painter’s tape to paint on some windows and accent lines.

The colors I used were Sherwin Williams Wolf Gray; Benjamin Moore Ceiling White; Sherwin Williams Pewter Cast; Sherwin Williams North Star. 

wooden cutouts
wood cut

After the paint was completed dried, I added some small hooks to hold our keys.  I found the hooks on Amazon. Each houses width and height ended up at (from left to right) 4” x 5 3/8”, 3” x 7 3/4”, 4 1/2” x 7 1/2”, and 6” x 6 3/4”.

home decor

This is where things changed...

This is where things changed slightly for me – I ended up only hanging three of the four houses.  It was so hard to choose which of the three to hang!  With my wall size being a total of 18”, my wooden houses added up to 17 1/2″ and with four house that did not leave enough space between the wall edges and the houses themselves.  I ended up not hanging the house painted in the SW-North Star color. Finally, I simply used large command strips to hang the houses up on the wall!  

These are such an easy build and a fun wood craft to take on if you have any unfinished wood lying around! The great thing with these products is the wood cutout does not have to be perfect.  In fact, I don’t think it should be! The wood shape can vary from little home to little home. This requires minimal craft supplies, and the final look is classic and cute!




Wooden House Shape Key Hooks

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Build Time 2 hours
Dry Time 10 hours
Units 4 Houses


  • Miter Saw
  • Jig Saw
  • Palm Sander or Sand Paper
  • Straight Edge
  • Screwdriver


  • 1 piece Particle Board
  • 8 Small Key Hooks
  • Paint (colors of your choice)
  • Command Strips


  • Layout your design, be sure to account for spacing between the houses and the edges of your wall.
  • Cut your boards to your desired width.
  • Cut the boards to approximately 12” length.
  • Place a dot on the boards where you’d like the roof point to be.
  • Draw two lines using your straight edge from either side to meet at the dot you drew in the previous step.
  • Cut the roof pitch lines out using your jig saw.
  • Lightly sand the edges using either a palm sander or by hand using sandpaper.
  • Paint the houses in your chosen colors.
  • Add details as desired – windows, doors, accent lines, etc!
  • Add hooks towards the bottom of each house using a screw driver.
  • Hang using large Command Strips.  
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