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Wrapping Bottles with Twine

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Wrapping bottles with twine is an incredibly simple wedding DIY.  My mom says I need to stop taking on DIY projects for the wedding, but they are just so fun, and I have so many ideas!

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Step 1: Pick the Bottles

First, you really can use just about any glass bottle for this project.  I chose to use wine bottles, but if you wanted something smaller beer bottles would work as well.

wrapping bottles with twine

Step 2: Start the Twine Wrap


To begin, using your hot glue gun, put a dot of glue at the top of the bottle to glue the end of the twine. 

Step 3: Wrap the Bottle!

Next, wrap the twine around the bottle!  You can chose to wrap perfectly or wrap randomly, depending on the look you want.  As you wrap, periodically, put another dot of glue to hold the twine in place.  Don’t use large amounts of glue because you will not be able to hide it with the twine.  Also, use small amounts of hot glue, at a time, because the glue will dry faster than you can wrap!  Turn the bottle as you work – this way different sections will be glued to the bottle.

Finally, when you get to the bottom, this is where things get a bit tricky! Wine bottles start to curve in at the bottom and the twine won’t want to stay in place without glue.  Go slowly and glue one wrap at a time.

Once you have the bottom covered, cut off your twine. Lastly, glue the tail end in place and you are done!

wrapping bottles with twine

Note: I was able to wrap approximately 3 bottles per roll of twine.

Step 4: Fill with Flowers!

After I completed my wrapped bottles, it was time to add some floral! On the day of, I plan to add simple baby’s breath to the wrapped wine bottles for a simple and classic look. 

wrapping twine

Not only is this DIY easy but it’s insanely cost effective. Assuming you drink wine, all you need for this DIY is old wine bottles and jute twine!  I love the way they turned out and plan to keep a few for home décor after the wedding!

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Links for Wrapping Bottles with Twine

Twine Wrapped Bottles

Wrapping Bottles with Twine

Build Time 30 minutes


  • Hot Glue Gun


  • Bottles
  • Jute Twine
  • Glue Gun Sticks


  • Pick the Bottles
  • Start the Twine Wrap
  • Wrap the Bottle
  • Fill with Flowers
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