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Vintage Inspired Boys Nursery Reveal

boys nursery

It’s finally time for Baby Lou’s Vintage Inspired Boys Nursery reveal!

When I originally started planning out Baby Lou’s nursery, I was so sure it would be green.  I knew I wanted to incorporate hunting or fishing in some way, but wasn’t sure how I was going to do it.  

Then, I came across the wallpaper and my whole design for the nursery became centered around it!  I switched up the color pallet and never looked back! I created   my mood board for the space to organize my thoughts and vision! 


Once I had settled on the wallpaper, I knew my overall theme would be ducks and Boykin spaniels.  Andrew & I have a Boykin and we get such a kick out his personality we felt like this was the perfect theme for our first baby! The biggest issue with deciding to do this was finding items that would create a cohesive look and still be appropriate for a nursery. I didn’t let this discourage me and set out to find items that would fit! 

Paint Color & Wallpaper

As I mentioned before, my original color scheme was going to be focused on greens – once I found the wallpaper I switched that up real quick! 

I felt that a vintage blue would compliment the red in the wallpaper much better.  I searched a million different shades of blue and ultimately my mom found the shade I went with! It’s a Benjamin Moore color called “Dusty Cornflower” and it’s the perfect shade for Lou’s nursery.  

My mom & Amanda came over on a warmer November day and we painted all of the shiplap panels.  Then, Amanda & I installed the paneling in the nursery.  We did not install the top trim board or the crown molding until after we installed the wallpaper.  

Full how to guide on the shiplap panels will be posted soon! 


The wallpaper (aka the star of the show!) is called Boykin Hunt.  The pattern shows a Boykin Spaniel in the middle of a duck hunt. This wallpaper is from Spoonflower.  

Originally I planned to wallpaper the entire room (above the shiplap panels) however I ended up doing just one accent wall.  This allowed me to bring in other artwork without it being overpowered by the wallpaper. 


Almost all of the furniture in this nursery was found second-hand! The crib I found on Facebook Marketplace for $5.  It’s a vintage Jenny Lind crib and I was thrilled when I found it! The gentleman selling the crib had bought it in the 70’s for his daughter and had used it with all of his grandchildren until they were too old for a crib.  He ended up giving the crib to me for free because he was so happy to have someone using it still! 


The changing table came from my mom and was the same changing table she had used for my siblings and I! The spindles complimented the crib and I love having something that she used when she was a new mom. 


Amanda gave me the glider and ottoman.  This is the glider she had used for Duke & Maverick and it’s slim size made it perfect for Lou’s room! 

My mom gave me the side table next to the glider.  She used left over wallpaper scraps to cover the lamp shade. 


Finally, the deal of the century, Amanda found the dresser on Facebook Marketplace.  The entire bedroom set was for sale and it was SUCH a good deal.  The furniture is called Henredon Artefacts.  There are tons of pieces out there, but finding a deal might be hard to do.  Most people sell a single piece for over $1,000. 

While we only put the long dresser in his room for now, we kept the full furniture set so when he transitions out of a crib we will have the whole set for him. 



vintage nursery

Finding the right decor was both fun and challenging! 

 I searched out Boykin artwork with low expectations and was so thrilled when I found a print of Boykin puppies with a duck decoy! I knew I had to have it.  This print is called “Country Treasures” by Jim Killen.  I searched high and low for a reasonably priced print and even reached out to the artist himself.  Unfortunately I could only find the large print available on one website.  It was too perfect and after talking about it non-stop, my Mother-in-law bought it for us! 

The link for the print is here

vintage nursery

The mini needlepoint duck pictures I found on eBay and loved! 

The rest of the artwork in the nursery came from our family.  Andrew’s grandma is an artist and she painted the portrait of the geese and my mom gifted us the Noah’s Ark cross stitch. 

This rug was a must have for me! I used it in my mood board and I kept coming back to it! It’s called “Piper Plaid” by Ruggable. 

vintage nursery
vintage nursery

The fan was a really difficult one for me! I didn’t want a fan that looked ultra modern but I also didn’t want a fan that looked like it belonged at my grandma’s house!  I found this fan at Home Depot and felt it complimented the space perfectly! 

vintage nursery

For the curtains, I wanted something that would match the rug and overall just blend into the room.  With everything else on the walls, I didn’t want curtains that would take away from the other aspects of the room.  I found these beige room darkening curtains at Walmart for only $15! I found the curtain rod at Target and loved the way it matched the frames on either side of the window. 

The Closet

The closet redo was so fun! I used a craft organizer from Michael’s as the center piece for the built-in storage.  I added new faces and knobs to the drawers and built the shelves on either side.  Finally I added a wood top to complete it!

Next, I added a second closet pole and remote controlled puck lights.  I found the cutest baby hangers on amazon that were almost a perfect color match to the shiplap panels. 

For the closet door, I had found a ton of these doors on freecycle months ago!  I sent my husband Andrew to pick them all up, knowing I’d get good use out of them eventually! I love the wood accent the door adds to the room. 

A complete guide on how I built out the closet is coming soon! 

nursery closet

The Little Details

vintage nursery

There are so many little details that add to the space! I found the mallard duck baby blanket on Etsy.  I had felt the edges didn’t look quite finished, so my mom sewed on an ivory satin blanket binding.  To make it personal, I had his initials embroidered on it! 

I found the crib sheets from a small business called Saltwater Swaddles out of Charleston, SC.  They had just come out with their new Boykin print so I watched their Instagram religiously for the release date to make sure I was able to get a set of the crib sheets! 

Check out Saltwater Swaddles here

The duck mobile was from another small business called hello birdie birdie.  The quality is amazing.  It did not come with a mobile arm but I was able to get mine through Amazon for pretty cheap. 

vintage nursery
hunting theme

The wall bookshelves I made using a chair rail and some scrap wood.  I used L-brackets to screw them into the wall.  I then added Explore the Outdoors full book collection!  This is another small business that creates children’s books to teach kids about conservation and spending time outdoors with family. 

Check out Explore the Outdoors here

vintage nursery

Other details that complete the Vintage Inspired Boys Nursery include covering the outlets with extra wallpaper scraps, a Boykin children’s book, a tree puzzle and a couple stuffed animals!

vintage landscape
vintage nursery

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